Wednesday, 11 February 2015

ICT Instructions

11th February 2015

Morena Ruuma tekau,

Today in ICT we are going to spend time looking at the blogs.  Here is the order to work through in class today.

1. On this blog, go to the comments you all wrote after your first day at school.  Choose two comments you enjoyed reading, and using the reply button, give that person specific feedback (using the reply button after their comment).  This feedback will include what you enjoyed (what made you choose to comment on theirs).  Next choose one person that you feel could have done a better job at answering their questions. Think carefully about how you word your feedback - do it in a way that they will grow from, not in a mean way.

2.  After you have left three comments, visit this website.  Read the posts about blogging, especially the instructions about leaving comments - did your comments meet these criteria?  Answer in your literacy book.

3. At the bottom of that page are a list of other class blogs (some links don't work anymore).  Have a look through some blogs, and make notes in your literacy books.  Write down the things you didn't enjoy, and the things you did.  Don't just look at the content, also look at the layouts, and the different ways they put on the content (slideshows, movies, text, photos etc).  This will help you with making a class and your own blog be something you like.


  1. max:
    hey how do you get to go on your personal blog?

    1. Hi Max, we'll be setting them up in ICT in a few weeks. After it is set up, you will be able to work on it from home.