Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Furniture

Our school is very fortunate to have a room between 3 of our classrooms.  This is a stand alone room that is used for a variety  of purposes.  We have team hui there (meetings/assemblies), we use it as a breakout space for small groups, and it is the location for our staff meetings and staff professional development.  It is a neat space, but is in need of a little TLC with its furnishings.  Generously, our Board of Trustees has given us a budget to furnish the room.  After staff meeting last night,  a small group of us met together to discuss options.  It was decided that the priority purpose was to make sure we have a staff meeting space that can seat 40 - 50 people at tables.  The next step was figuring out how we could make it work.  We talked, and started to focus in.  At this stage, our Principal Ms Foster asked if my class could work out how we could achieve our needs.

Today I asked a small group of students to figure out how it was possible.  They started off by learning the criteria:
  • We needed to seat 40 - 50 adults
  • All people need to be able to see the Promethean board
  • People need to be able to move around the room during the meeting
  • All 6 doors need to be clear to meet fire regulations
  • They had to allow room for people to sit, so the tables couldn't be too close together
  • Not to have a lot of 'dead space' on the tables
  • The need to furnish it within the set budget
  • We need chairs that can be stacked and are comfortable for adults.
The group started off by studying the catalogue to know what was available.  Next they measured up the room and started planning what was possible.  When necessary, the students asked a lot of questions, and went over to our Enhanced Learning Centre to see how some of the furniture they saw in the catalogue worked in learning situations (they came back desperate to have a whiteboard table in our class for group learning situations).

I am hoping that they will be able to meet with Mrs Foster soon to feedback their discoveries and ideas very soon.

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