Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Block: Mental Toughness

One of the activities for the block was the 'wall sit' to test mental toughness.  Each team had to provide 10 competitors, with one starting before the previous competitor 'tapped out'.  This meant the team had to communicate well, and support each other.  The idea was to be the last team standing (or sitting!)

We though the competition wouldn't last too long - we were very wrong.

Fletcher here, on the left, was number 10 for his team.  Two teams had already finished when Fletcher took his place on the wall. Staggeringly, he finished in 4th place 70 minutes later! This was a huge effort, with there being very little space between 4th and 1st.   My observation was that many Room 10 students were mentally tough, showing amazing perseverance.  I was also impressed with Fletcher's team, who kept him fed throughout his marathon effort.


  1. I wonder how the legs feel on Friday?

    1. I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Fletcher
      They felt horrible

  2. We sure breed them mentally tough here at Berkley. I was vey impressed with the way everyone stuck at this task, as well as the amazing support provided by team mates. Fletcher was definitely an example of an individual making a positive contribution towards his community.