Sunday, 29 March 2015

New Horizons

Education outside the classroom (EOTC) is an important part of school life at Berkley.  In even years, we go into the bush (forest) to Aongatete Lodge.  Once there (after a 8 - 10-hour hike in), we have lots of neat experiences.  We navigate up and down a river, learn orientation by following compass bearings, cook over an open fire, sleep in tents, do night challenges and rock climbing.  It is wonderful.

Last week was our odd year activity - New Horizons.  This is a programme where every teacher organises a programme intended to open 'new horizons' to our students.  The students are given a book with all the options, from which they choose four and are allocated one of these.  The options range from mountain biking, tall ship sailing, cooking, mosaic making, recording in a music studio and surfing to science experimentation.  I took my group to windsurfing lessons in a city called Tauranga which is a couple of hours away.  We stayed over there, enjoyed the salt water hot pools each night.  I can't wait to hear about all of Room 10's experiences tomorrow.  Hopefully, they'll have posts written on their blogs soon.  Only four days to the first school vacation of the year and our school's computer system is down.

Here are some pics from my week:

You can see more on the blog I set up for parents back home:


  1. hi my name is Brayden i am a student at tamatea int in napier ,nz i really liked how you put pictures on. i have also be windsurfing too
    what Saught of food did you have

  2. Hi Brayden, we had an awesome time windsurfing. For our breakfast, we just had cereal with fruit and yoghurt, and toast. Then after breakfast, each student made one or two filled rolls for us to take the windsurfing school for lunch. The rolls had chicken or ham, and vegetables and cheese plus mayo or aioli. For dinner on the first night we had Subway; each person could go and place their order to the value of $12 each, and I just paid the total afterwards. On the second night, we had fish and chips by the beach. We also had lots of yummy home baking and fruit throughout the day, plus Milo with supper.