Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Publishing Comments

Chloe has recently added an excellent post on her blog. The post was about making comments, but she also added an excellent section at the end of her post, which she agreed would be good to share on the class blog.

Here is an excerpt from her blog:

What Kind of Comments Should You Publish . . .

Don't publish all kinds of comments. Only the ones that are relevant. DO NOT publish explicit or creepy comments. Also don't publish comments from companies that are trying to get you to buy something or get you to advertise things for them. 

If you get a personal comment, you do not have to publish it. You may delete it and label it a spam.

You can choose who and what goes or looks at your blog. Make sure you keep your blog safe from spams and all kinds of weird comments as well!

Thank you for reminding us of those things Chloe.

You can read the whole of Chloe's excellent post at

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