Sunday, 1 March 2015

Student Blog Challenge

Hi there class,

I have just read about this international student blog challenge.  Can you please read about it here (the picture is linked), plus the FAQs under the 'About' drop down menu and tell me what you think.

Add your ideas in the comments below (remember to use your first name to post feedback)


  1. Maia:
    I think it is a good idea to join as it states on the website that it help grow blog skills and some of us (e.g me) need some help to learn more about blogging, it will also let us see other peoples blogs so we get some ideas for what to do on our own blogs.

  2. Evahn:
    I think that this is a really good opportunity for us to learn more about blogging and I know a few of us need the extra help, including me. This will also let us see what's going on in the world and other people from different countries can see what we do. It will be interesting to see what things people post after doing this.

  3. ROSE
    I think its a good idea because most of us are new to blogging and need the extra help. I find computers very frustrating so this will really help my attitude towards blogging as a general. Also I think that lots of us in the class are kinda not giving it there all in the blogging homework so this will push them.

  4. Georgia
    I think its an ok idea as we need to improve our blogging skills and make our blogs look nice, but having to do that on top of our normal homework can be quite tough as some of us have out of school commitments and sometimes struggle balance others commitments with homework. Also some people may not have access to computer that can access these blogs.

  5. I'm not sure about this one, I mean, while yes, it could be a challenge for some, but I really don't think that it will help me, individually. While I do say this, having not done it, I could find i love it, and learn truckloads more than I thought possible. For some I believe that it would not only be beneficial, but also some good fun. So I'm impartial, on the fence, happy either way.

  6. Emily
    I think this would be a good learning opportunity, as we can find out how to improve our blog's, with a challenge included, to make us try our best instead of doing because we have to. Half of the stuff we would learn we probably never find out about; unless we searched it up.

  7. I think think we should do the challenge so that we can get better at using our blogs and have a variety of things on them. It is a chance for us to learn how to put things on our blogs we wouldn't have thought of if we don't do the challenge. We can keep doing the things we learn on our blogs even after the challenge is finished and it will help us challenge ourselves with our homework by doing as many activities as we can within each week. It will be a good way to use our blogs frequently and keep them up to date.

  8. Brooke
    I'm not sure about this, mainly because we should be able to choose how much effort goes into our blogs. Also I find a lot of people are struggling to complete the homework we already have because many of us have commitments out of school. Though if we did sign up I would probably end up loving it. Maybe we could do it as a class instead? It would be a great learning experience, but we are always able to go onto the website and visit other student blogs to get ideas. So I see no need to sign up. Who knows though it could be amazing!
    so I guess I would probably be happy with either choice.

  9. max:
    wait... why do we need to learn to write on our school blog? It is quite easy.

  10. Jiarn: I think it is a good concept but my first impression is that i dont really need to do it. Thats my first impression anyways, i could end up liking it, who knows? i think it is worth trying.

  11. Jason
    I don't really mind if we do it or not. I'm sure I would learn lots doing it, but I'm quite busy with out of school commitments so I'm not sure if I would have enough time to do it.

  12. CHLOE-

    I think that it is a good and bad idea at the same time. The bad thing about it is that mostly everyone in our class has out of school activities and some even have some every single night. This means that some people will not have the chance to get onto their blog, plus write reviews, complete a task etc, each night. Also some people will not have access to a computer the whole week and may not be able to complete some activities.
    The good part would be learning how to improve our blogs and make them interesting so others want to read everything. It will also make sure that we are keeping up to date with our posts. We will then have more knowledge for if we want to make our own when we leave Berkley.
    I am leaning both ways, but I am mostly leaning to no.

  13. Jodi
    I think it is a good idea to do it we would learn heaps by taking part. All though I think we should do it a lot of people including me have out of school commitments, as long as we do the tasks instead of our normal homework I think we should do it. It would be a good learning experience because most of the class haven't done blogging before.

  14. Ellie
    I think it would be a good idea because for most of us this is our first ever blog and from this challenge we would be learning more and more each week about how to use and improve our blogs. The challenge is about connecting with other students around the world and that will help us find out how other countries create and use their blogs and if its extremely different to ours or not. From looking at other students blogs, we can take things that we like or enjoy reading and add them to our own.

  15. Fletcher
    I think we should do it as it will improve our blogging and commenting skills.

  16. Jackson
    Are we registering ourselves on this?