Sunday, 1 March 2015

Super 6 Competition

Berkley is divided into six teams (called 'houses' in some schools).  There are four classes in a team, and we are a part of ARANUI Team.

Twice a term the teams play each other in a sporting competition,  The short term prize is a free mufti day, and the long term prize is getting your name on the 'Super 6' shield for the year.

This week, we had a competition where all played a modified softball competition.  The class was split into two teams; one team played with a softball bat and a tennis ball and the other with a tennis racket and a tennis ball.

Room 10 teams were very successful, winning five out of six games.  The teamwork between the class was very obvious in the game where I refereed them.  I was very proud.

You can see the results of a very hot and dry summer - we need rain.

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