Friday, 24 April 2015

Immense Pride

Yesterday was a day of highs and lows.  If you have read the following posts you will know about the field of remembrance we created, which was destroyed by a vandal overnight.  

As a class, we were gutted, upset, mystified and sad.  We couldn't believe that someone had destroyed a place to commemorate the soldiers who gave their lives representing NZ in many wars.  

The reason I was so proud of Room 10 is that despite their disappointment they picked up the pieces, fixed what needed to be fixed, and created a new field of remembrance inside of the school.  I felt a real sense of togetherness amongst the members of the class, we had overcome the obstacles in our way and together we were prepared for our service. This is our second field.

After that, they then ran a beautiful, touching Anzac service. The students wrote and presented the service.  It started with a welcome by hosts Jackson and Jayda, followed by the National Anthem.  After that Evahn and Hunter spoke about the significance of Anzac day. They shared their learn of what had happened in the Gallipoli campaign.  Next we sang the Māori hymn, He Honore.  After that, Rose shared the story of her Great-Grandfather's experiences in World War One.  You can read about it on Rose's blog here. This was followed up with the Last Post, a minutes silence, followed by the reading of Laurence Binyon's poem For the Fallen, read first in Māori by Zoe, followed in English by Aryan.  After the playing of Reveille, the service was finished.  The sense of the occasion was strong in the service, with the appropriate silence and contemplation.  The rest of the students who joined us followed our lead.

The service was a result of the class' learning, but more than that I think the students were experiencing the emotions and sense of loss that accompanies an Anzac commemorations. 

Room 10, you were wonderful in every way.  

Hover over the photos below to see each one.  Thank you, Leigh for your photography.

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  1. Hi, My name is Amy from St Mary's school in Hastings. I am very sorry about your field of remembrance. This is very sad. Although it was great how you guys picked up all the pieces and rebuild it. You guys should be proud. At my school, we also have a field of remembrance. This was a great way to learn about world war 1. I hope you guys feel the same way.