Friday, 24 April 2015

We've made the News

Yesterday morning we were devastated to arrive at school and discover our field of remembrance had been vandalised.  Through the school's closed-circuit TV system, and one of our Deputy Principal's investigations, police made an arrest this afternoon.

Here are some of the places you can read about the arrest:


Radio NZ


NZ City

NZ Police

Otago Daily Times


  1. How did the morning go?
    I'm interested as to whether the Morning was a "huge and meaningful learning experience", or we were "contemplating a sense of loss", and "experiencing a real sense of comradeship"?

    Quote NZ Police

    1. Hi James, I think all of the above. It was a special commemoration. I am disappointed that you missed it, I wish you'd been there. I am writing a post about the service at the moment. Keep an eye on here. I'll upload it as soon as I have uploaded the collage I'm making.

    2. Mrs Hogg is right. The morning was great and you're really unlucky to have missed it. I am really shocked they arrested the guy as I didn't think that they would take it so seriously. I guess it was against the law though.