Thursday, 21 May 2015


In the science room yesterday, we were learning about density.  We learned that density is the how much mass a material has for a given volume.  We looked at a TED clip about Archimedes:

The diagram we used looked like this:

Next we moved onto the practical section.  We moved to where there were beakers with four different coloured liquids set up around the room. The different coloured liquids were actually salt solutions, each made with different concentrations of salt dissolved into them (therefore, having different densities). Each person had a test tube. Using a dropper, they added about 3ml of one colour to the tube, then added another colour. The idea was to figure out the order of the colours in terms the one with the highest density to the least dense. Next they carefully layered the colours so the most dense was at the bottom, and up to the least dense on top.  Here are some pictures of our results:

Next we looked at the formula for working out density:

We then worked out the area of different cuboids and rectangular prisms and then used Activ Expression to vote on the shapes with the highest density.  One of the questions was:

The answer is a)
The most important learning to take away was that higher density = high concentrates of particles per volume.


  1. Hello Mrs Hogg,
    I'm sorry I missed this, it looks fascinating and a lot of fun.
    At the very top of your blog, you have the title, with the pictures of our class. I was just wondering, how do you make one of those and put it on your blog?
    Thanks very much,

  2. Hi Emily, it is a pity you were sick for that lesson. Hopefully, you've got a good understanding now that you've read the blog.

    I made the header as a collage on a free programme called 'Picasa', which is a bit like photoshop. It is then saved as a jpeg, so really it's just a picture. You could make a collage on Pages or Word. Just put a coloured shape as the background, add your pictures spaced over it, and any text you want. Then take a screenshot of just the collage. When you add it is a header, make sure you tick hit the box that will scale it to fit.