Monday, 11 May 2015

The Silver Lining

We often tell people that, "Every cloud has a silver lining." Last week, Room 10 experienced this. You may have read about the field of remembrance we made for Anzac day being vandalised. Last week we had a visit from the Field of Remembrance Trust who had some lovely surprises to us. They came down to our school and spoke to 250 of the pupils. They brought us a box of new crosses for next year, along with some very special Anzac merchandise and memorabilia. It was a powerful and special assembly.

This is James' recount for the school newsletter:

It is an early Wednesday morning, on the sixth of May, and Aranui and Rangahau teams are gathered in the Cultural Centre welcoming two war veterans from the Field of Remembrance Trust. They announced that they were going to replace crosses that were previously vandalised, and they also gave us extra poppies for next year’s Field of Remembrance.  Along with that, they gifted the school five shirts, one of which was a special Warriors ANZAC shirt, that will be framed by the school. They gave Mrs Hogg a scarf, for her work in the Field of Remembrance, and many badges with either crosses or poppies on them. They then gave comparisons between the 17-year-old soldier, Private Mercer, who fought and died for our country and the 17-year-old who ruined the crosses. He reminded us to be the hero, rather than the person who disrespected the names of those who died for them.

By James

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  1. Great job on the pictures Evahn. They look stunning!