Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Awesome Blogs

Lately, my life seems to be dominated by writing interim reports. As a result, I have been pressed for time to look at our students' blogs.   Last night I took the time to read through all the class blogs.  I was really impressed with the following blogs.  Not only was their content interesting, but they were well written and presented (I am totally drawn to photos and videos).

Brooke's Blog
Chloe's Blog
Zoe's Blog
Ellie's Blog
Leigh's Blog
Renee's Blog
Danielle's Blog
Emily's Blog

Please have a look at these blogs and tell me what you think. If you have your own blog, what learning can you take from these blogs?


  1. I agree that these blogs are well written and they all work hard for views. Well done all of you. I also work hard for views so if you could please visit my blog: http://natalieroom10.blogspot.co.nz/

    Thank you

    1. I agree, with not only Natalie, but also Mrs Hogg, interesting that they're all girls...

    2. Yes James, they are all girls. I thought hard before I put it up, for that reason. I didn't want people to think I was being sexist by putting them up, but then I decided that not putting them up because they are all girls would be some sort of sexism too. Do you agree with me?

  2. All these blogs are well written and also well presented.

  3. All the other blogs are appealing to the eye, and you are drawn to reading it, by the amount of page views they have also shows that they all work very hard to achieve that many and put in a lot of effort.

  4. I agree with Fletcher

  5. Jiarn
    All of these people put a lot of effort into their blogs, they go the extra mile to bring their work to the next level. Their posts are interesting and make you want to read them.

  6. Everyone who's blog was listed, deserved it. I can tell that these people put in the extra effort while blogging and really try to please their viewers. Keep up the good work.

  7. Have have looked at all of the listed blogs and they are amazing. The owners are putting in additional work which is not required but certainly makes their blog a lot more attractive and interesting to read. I know from the SBC that going that step further actually makes you stand out and takes you a long way. Congratulations to all these bloggers who do go the extra mile.

    This is a great idea for a post Mrs Hogg. Hopefully it will boost some of the blog standards, especially the boys!

  8. The other blogs were well thought through and have evident hard work, which has definitely payed off. I also liked all the colour schemes and background. They were attractive, but not so blingy that they draw attention away from the actual posts, which is a good balance.