Saturday, 27 June 2015

Maths in Nature

Recently, to start our mathematics session, I played the class a short film about maths in nature.  This was it:

We really enjoyed it, but some students couldn't see how this related to maths and us.  At this stage, Aryan was desperate to share his knowledge with the class. So he stood at the Promethean board and talked about the spiral made using the Fibonacci numbers.

He explained how the patterns of petals follow the Fibonacci sequence.  He explained what the Fibonacci sequence is.  This is the explanation from Maths is fun.

At that stage, Hunter talked about how in woodwork, he uses a 'Fibonacci Guage' to get his work aesthetically pleasing.  Here's a picture:

This lead to a discussion on the Golden Ratio (or golden mean), which can be found in much art and in nature.  We watched the following video to help us understand:

This session is why I love teaching Room 10; our class gets excited by learning new knowledge and ideas. Room 10 students are inquirers whose individual knowledge baskets join together to enrich us all.

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