Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Te Wiki o Te Re Maaori

This video of a high school speech has gone viral over the last week.  Watch it and then answer the questions below.

Do you agree? Why/why not?
Why do you think this video has gone viral?
What are your suggestions for helping people who are not at school to learn the correct pronunciation of Maaori names and places correctly?

Write your answers in paragraph form in the comments below.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Science Fair

Berkley's Science Fair is amazing.  I am so thrilled with the end results.  It is special to see the end results, knowing the effort the students have put into achieving such amazing projects.  Their work is outstanding - both in quality and with the presentation. 

In creating their displays, they have shown themselves to be risk takers while displaying the IB attitudes of independence, curiosity, confidence, creativity and integrity.  They definitely had to use all five transdisciplinary skills too (communication, thinking, social, research and self-management skills).

Please have a look at the photos of the Room 10 student entries in the tab above.  

The next step is for these wonderful projects to be judged and our entrants for the Waikato Science Fair to be chosen.  The Waikato Science Fair is held at the Pavillion at the Hamilton Gardens.  This will be open to the public from 2 - 6pm on August 21st and from 10am - 2pm on Saturday 22nd August.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Cross Country 2015

Yesterday was the day divides our students like no other - cross-country.  Love it, or hate it, it is a part of our calendar at the start of Term Three every year. Although it was a cold start to the day yesterday, the weather was stunning in the afternoon when we walked over to Jansen Park for the competition.  

As a class, we had a successful day:

In the Year 8 girls race, Chloe was first, Zoe seventh, and Rose was twelfth. 

In the Year 8 boys race, Hunter was second and Hamish sixth.  In the Year 9 boys, Sean was second.

Well done Room 10, once more I was very impressed with you.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Science Fair

For the last 10 weeks, creating science fair projects for our school's science fair have been dominating our thoughts and activities.  The end goal is being chosen to represent Berkley at the Waikato Science Fair (website)

I am so proud of how much my Room 10 students have grown; they have taken their first ideas and worked them though to creating exciting experiments. 

The knowledge they have gained of how to write an aim, the hypothesis, learning about a control and variables, and then writing a method accurately will stand them in good stead in the future.  

Over this term break, students have been furiously testing then writing up their data.  They are analysing the result, plus have been writing their discussions and conclusions.  It is also a good opportunity to put their new skills at writing a list of sources accurately (we use the APA method) into practice with their List of Sources.

The final step has been creating a high quality display to showcase their work.

Many students have been in regualr contact with me, and I'm so impressed with the quality of their work.  I can't wait to see them when Term Three starts tomorrow.  I''m looking forward to seeing the resuts from their testing and how their boards are looking.

I can't wait to be able to share the photos on here soon.  As a taste, there was a writ-up in The Waikato Times about Evahn's project yesterday.  It is very exciting for us. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Quickwrite Follow-up

A quickwrite is a short piece of writing done in around 10 minutes.  Sometimes it is sharing their knowledge on a topic, it may be a response to a news story or a video clip.  It could be a response to a piece of writing or even writing a short narrative.  The purpose is to be able to gather ideas quickly and write them down.  It also gives students writing mileage.  Sometimes that will be it for that piece, other times a student may be motivated to write more, as Leigh did in this blog post.

Way back in March, I showed the Rm10 students this Upworthy video:

After we watched it, without talking, the students spent 10 minutes doing a quickwrite.   After the writing time, we had a long discussion.  In general, we were impressed by how a small act could make a big difference.  We talked about how different the world would be if many people made small efforts to pay it forward.

The reason I have brought this up today is that Upworthy have published a follow-up.  Have a look at this article:

I love this for two reasons:

  1. It is neat to see the results of actions;
  2. The long-term effects of this small action have made a big impact in Philadelphia.

I wonder what effect this act of kindness has caused to ripple out around the whole world.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Exhibition Workshop

Next term, all Room 10 students will be participating in Berkley's first PYP Exhibition.  Before the holidays, I told the class about our participation but was unable to tell them a lot more.  I had heard and seen lots of snippets of what other schools had done but had no real idea of what exactly it was and how to explain what it involves to my class.  To be honest, I did not feel confident in leading my class in what had been told to me will be a challenging, but exciting, journey.

So I did what any inquirer would do, I found out.  In this first week of the school holidays, I have attended an IB workshop in Auckland.  There were many different workshops offered, with Mrs Wihongi and I attending the 'Exhibition' one.

At the end of day one, we'd learned lots already.  The interesting thing is that there is a guidebook for exhibition, but no succinct definition. After listening to our excellent facilitator, Tania Mansfield, together with doing  readings and watching some clips, we participants collaboratively came up with our definition on Exhibition.  This was it:

Photo by HKTans, Flicker
For the next two days, we used our many IB skills, (transdisciplinary skills, attitudes, concepts, knowledge and learner profile attributes) to learn more and more about what doing an Exhibition will mean for both myself and the Room 10 students.   I am now very excited for what Term Three will mean for us.  I can't wait for us to start our journey after the science fair.

As a part of our workshop, my small group walked up to Albert Park to make a part of an iMovie. It was lovely, so I took some photos.