Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Quickwrite Follow-up

A quickwrite is a short piece of writing done in around 10 minutes.  Sometimes it is sharing their knowledge on a topic, it may be a response to a news story or a video clip.  It could be a response to a piece of writing or even writing a short narrative.  The purpose is to be able to gather ideas quickly and write them down.  It also gives students writing mileage.  Sometimes that will be it for that piece, other times a student may be motivated to write more, as Leigh did in this blog post.

Way back in March, I showed the Rm10 students this Upworthy video:

After we watched it, without talking, the students spent 10 minutes doing a quickwrite.   After the writing time, we had a long discussion.  In general, we were impressed by how a small act could make a big difference.  We talked about how different the world would be if many people made small efforts to pay it forward.

The reason I have brought this up today is that Upworthy have published a follow-up.  Have a look at this article:

I love this for two reasons:

  1. It is neat to see the results of actions;
  2. The long-term effects of this small action have made a big impact in Philadelphia.


I wonder what effect this act of kindness has caused to ripple out around the whole world.


  1. Wow! Thats pretty cool that the Pizza shop is still making the headlines and advancing.

    I see that you reached your goal of 10,000 views. Did you get it in time though?

  2. I wasn't there for that session and my first impressions are: Wow! - just like Brooke said.
    I can't believe something so generous could start from one man's kindness.

  3. I think this is amazing that people haven't just looked at that story, felt sympathetic, but done nothing about it. I'm glad more people sre contributing to this awesome idea, that is helping a lot of people in a difficult situation.

  4. I Agree, this is incredible. Now these people who are without a home are getting hot, fresh food that they would normally not even dream of. I think shops around the world should have this "pay-forward" system.

  5. I think, like Zach said that this pizza shop is paying forward and serving the homeless hot filling food. That these people before this probably only would have dreamed of.

  6. That was one of the nicest things I have ever seen.

  7. It's really inspirational that people are finally taking action and helping the people who need it most.

  8. Wow, just like Brooke said it is really cool that the pizza shop is still making headlines. I think the pizza shop is one of the best ideas ever. Also it all started from one generous idea from a customer. Wow.

  9. This is very creative and kind. The owner of the pizza shop hasn't just sat there and thought about the homeless people with no food, he is doing something about it, feeding homeless people with a system he has come up with. Since this is being seen by more people every day, I won't be surprised if other shops around the world will do this.

  10. I remember doing this, the pizza shop is generous.
    But their are still making money. People pay in advance, as this goes to the homeless it is generous.