Sunday, 30 August 2015

Controversial Quickwrite

Last week, we did a quick write in class that caused some discussion amongst students present.  Some felt it was totally unrealistic, some thought it could happen.  I personally wanted students to see the sentiment that if we change our words, we can change the world.

Watch the video, and tell me what you think:


  1. Hello Room 10/Mrs Hoggs,
    Wow, this video shows that different wording can make a big difference! Most people would think it would make a small difference, otherwise no difference, but this shows that changing words can create a massive effect.
    If I walked past someone with a sign that said 'I'm blind. Please help', to be honest, I would probably walk past them (okay now that I say that I feel like a really mean person :/ ). If I walked past someone with a sign that said 'It's a beautiful day and I can't see it', I would give them some money
    Words can change the world.
    Your class blog is awesome! :)

  2. Thank you, Brianna. I have an amazing class, so it is a real pleasure to record our journey through the year. It also tends to become quite addictive (look at Brooke's blog to see someone else who finds it addictive - Where do you go to school?

  3. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I wasn't in class the other day when we wrote about this but I can imagine all the moving quick-writes that my class members turned out! I had no idea someone so simple like changing your words can do so much to a situation.

    I think that this is a lesson for all those who like to write stories. Like how Roald Dahl edits his stories 100 times. Changing you words makes it easier to change the world.

    My Mum has asked me to email her the video so she can show it to her class tomorrow!
    Thank you for inspiring me.

  4. I liked the video because it was really inspiring and it showed how words matter.
    The music also helped and made me feel more for the video, however I feel like this wouldn't happen in real life because sometimes changing the words can't change the heart.
    I'm also writing a post about it

  5. Hi Mrs Hogg,

    I too wasn't in class on the day we did this and I look forward to hearing what the other students thought of the clip. I find it beautiful the affect words can have on situations. This video was really interesting to watch and, I find it, very inspiring.

    When we word things in creative ways messages can be portrayed clearer and be more intriguing .

    In a way this relates to our UOI because she did something creative to the sign that created change to the mans income.

    Thank you for showing this video,

  6. I think it's cool how the woman found another way to help the man other than giving him money. I think this show change your words, change the world very well. I think that if the sign said 'help me I'm blind' I wouldn't donate, but if it said something inspirational, I would donate.

  7. This is quite unrealistic, although this can be applied to a realistic situation. The basis is really the same for a lot of things, and the motto,
    Change your words, change your world. Is a really good thing.

  8. Interesting, however I believe it is somewhat over-done, but the concept is true, how you phrase something will affect how someone else reacts to you. This is a fundamental part of being a social member of society, being nice with your words, you can say I'm sacking you, or you can say we're going to terminate your employment immediately, which is nicer?


  9. Hello Mrs Hogg

    I didn't get to see this video in class but now that I have seen it I feel like what she did is something really powerful. It's amazing that by changing you words to something more poetic or happier you can make such a big difference. Cool to see something so small create something so big. Thanks.


  10. This video really gets you thinking about how what you say can make people think about you differently. It's a powerful video and I'm sure many people will agree with the message.

  11. I think that even if this was a set up, it could still be real. Words are powerful, and can change the way people think and feel.

    I was in at Tumuaki when we did this and I said in my quick-write that I wish that there were more people like that woman in the world, because that man and others wouldn't be in that situation in the first place. People on the streets would receive help quicker, and wouldn't be forced to beg on the streets.
    I also like the truth in the statement she wrote. Everyday is a beautiful day, and everyone should be able to appreciate it.


  12. Wow that is really inspiring but it is probably not real but it become real if somebody did that.

  13. This video was very moving, It was incredible that this lady came out of her way to write something on the poor man's sign to help him for the better.

  14. I like this video I found it interesting, but at the same time I couldn't help but think about the fact that this would probably never happen in life, the only times I could imagine it would happen is when it was planned to happen.

  15. Wow that was quite surprising, I didn't think it would make such a major difference an I really wanted to see what she wrote at the end all throughout the clip. I guess it's because it felt more personal because it's including the people out in the public, so they feel some sort of need to help. I would probably be the same as the people out in this video sadly, but thats manly because I'm so used to seeing people like that out in town when I go to work with my Mum.

    I didn't realise just changing your words with the same meaning would make such a difference, It definitely makes you think about how you could do the same.


  16. The message the people are trying to get across to people is great. Change your words, change the world.
    This clip reminds me of when controversy surrounded John Key when he said Maori language month would get 'boring', and it made me realise how what people say can make a big difference whether if it's something as small as that beggar getting more money, or stopping world conflict. It just goes to show that people like something more inspirational and meaningful

  17. Super cool video... But would people actually give much attention to the sign at the end of the day? But then again, it is true that changing the words of writing can make something seem over 1000 times better.

  18. Mrs Hogg,
    I think this is a pulchritudinous video that shows just how potent words can be. Using words wisely you can do almost anything.

    Raise your words, not your voice.
    It is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

    - Rumi

  19. I was there in the tumaki and it was really cool how just changing how you say something can majorly change the outcome. I think that it's like the editing we're doing in class; deleting some words and rearranging the words can make it so much better.

  20. I also wasn't in class when we saw this video. But if I was this would've been my quick write.

    This video shows that differnt words can pull at different emotions. At the start I felt bad. I felt like no-one really cared, that we all take our senses for granted. I felt like we don't realise how lucky we actually are. But then when she came to write the sign again I was confused. Why is she doing this?, what does it say? and many other questions. And then when I saw everyone that walkde past giving this man money my heart leapt. I took back any doubt that I had previously felt towards this woman. I was still wondering about wht was on the sign.

    When she came back and the blind man felt her shoes and asked what was on the sign. I felt happy. Because somebody cared. When she said "I wrote the same, but differnt words" I realised what she meant. She was pulling at peoples hearts.


  21. I think that in a real world situation, that man would not be sitting around like that, because people would take his money and draw graffiti on his sign. I do think though that this video has good morals and shows that different wording and tone of how you say something completely and utterly changes the meaning.

  22. The video was heavily scripted, but it still gave a significant message. It's not targeting the homeless, but more or less the whole of the world. Words can determine someones thinking by a large amount if you know how to speak in a way that can affect someone to some extent. eg. Religion, advertising, speeches

  23. I think even though this video is beautiful, it is just a bit unrealistic. I understand the message and the concept but I don't understand the need to advertise such a message. Where did this video come from and why?

  24. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I think it's really neat how such a small change can make such a big impact. The fact that a few words could probably make all the difference in this man's life is truly amazing.


  25. This video shows the way that people respond to a piece of writing that is worded differently. I think that if great pieces of writing were worded badly, even though they have the same message, they won't be great anymore.

  26. I think this video is powerful and true.

    I admire the lady for helping the stranger. I think that the change in words let the people see that it is a beautiful day and they can help him see that by giving.

  27. This video was very emotional for me, (and I hope for others.) And I connected to this easily because I know someone close to my heart who is blind, Scottish and who for a period of time homeless. I felt very strongly connected to this video and as if this had been around me I would have wanted to change it.

    Words are powerful things, and they can make a huge difference to someones life, either for better or for worse. I myself walk past many homeless people in Hamilton almost everyday. If they had signs that connected to me or evoked emotions then I would be more willing and likely to give them money. (Not that I don't give them money when I have it and am around them.)

    Words can be a sweet sound to someone and make their day, or be a stab in the back and a bitter taste of betrayal.