Sunday, 9 August 2015

Exhibition: Provocations

In class for the last two weeks, we've been doing a lot of activities to provoke the students' thinking about the different ways people express themselves. One of the areas we've been looking at is through media; we have been looking at the way media can influence our behaviour and beliefs.  We started by looking at how media portrays safe driving behaviour and how we think this influences both us and the wider community.  We did this by watching these non-drink and driving advertisements:

Both of these advertisements have been deemed successful.

We asked the students to these questions, and we discussed their answers:

  • What messages are they trying to put across to the audience?
  • Who are their target audiences?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the first drinking and driving clip to the second one? 
  • Are both of these clips effective in the message they are trying to get across?
  • What made them effective in bringing attention to the issue?

    Next we listened to this radio advertisement:
    Local Legends - radio advertisement

    We discussed these questions next:
  • Listen to the radio advertisement for NZ Transport Agency. 
  • What is the issue and message that the ad is trying to put across?
  • Who is the target audience of this campaign?
  • How is this different to the other clips used by NZ Transport Agency?

    The next clip we watched related to drug driving:

  • The questions we discussed were:

  • When you first watched this clip, how did you feel?
  • Did your feelings change from the start of the clip to the end?
  • What are the key messages you can take from this?
  • What is the purpose of this clip being shown on television?

  • The final clip we watched wasn't New Zealand made, but it was excellent:

    We then discussed this also.

    As a class, we felt these clips expressed their messages clearly, using a mixture of humour and shock. They were all successful campaigns, so we can learn for our exhibition projects. 

    The other areas we have studied are:

  • Literature
  • Media (smoking, bullying, social media and poverty)
  • Dance
  • Graffiti
  • Music

  • You can look at all these lessons here.

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