Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Quickwrite: Response to Midway

Today we watched this trailer for the documentary Midway.

This is a dramatic clip, and can be quite disturbing to watch. After writing, the students returned to their desks and in silence, wrote in their Writer's Notebooks.

Afterwards, students met in small groups to share their writing, before choosing who was going to share their writing with the rest of the class.

Here are extracts from some people's writing:

"We are rats to the environment and are not giving back to the forests that gave us trees, the oceans that gave us fish and the ground that gave us minerals."

I think that it is really sad that we don't know how much damage we are causing on the world around us. We inflict damage and disease on those who have shown no wrong, no offence against us.  In our eyes, we see green trees and recycling bins.  In theirs are polluted waters and dark skies.  We, greedy humans, are hurting places we have never been.

Today we watched a documentary's trailer and it spoke to us.  We saw the beauty of an island, Midway Island.  We watched the birds of the islands, beautiful, elegant and majestic. And we watched the island being sabotaged without any direct contact with humans. Sometimes we don't even realise what we are doing and what effect it will have around us.  Once we do something, it ripples outwards, it can cause a small wave or gigantic tsunami.

In our discussion, we talked about the need to be aware of everyone making a change because we need the majority of people to change their actions.  We need to reduce our plastic use dramatically and look at how we dispose of waste.

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