Thursday, 27 August 2015

Science Fair Results

Tuesday night was an exciting time, as we celebrated the success by Berkley students at the NIWA Waikato Science Fair.  Students knew they were being recognised, but didn't know with what accolade.  The science fair is divided into 19 classes, with Berkley entering 7 of these.  

Prizegiving was an exciting time.  These were our results:

Class 2: Year 8 Living World
1st: Max 
2nd: Rose 
Highly Commended:

Class 3: Year 7 Material World
1st: Isabelle (our only Y7 entry)

Class 4: Year 8 Material World
Highly Commended:

Class 5: Year 7-8 Physical World
1st: Hunter
2nd: Aaron
Highly commended:

Class 6: Year 7-8 Planet Earth and Beyond
2nd: Aryan 
3rd: Zach
Highly Commended:

Class 17: Year 7-8 Open Observational Drawings
2nd: Alice
3rd: Josie

Special Awards:
New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science (Waikato) Special Award for an excellent exhibit with an agricultural theme:

Major Prizes:
Babbage Consultants Trophy for the Best Physical World Exhibit:

As you can see, it was hugely successful, we were all very excited throughout the evening.

As the start of the year, I set the goal of Berkley winning the Top School, so was delighted when we were announced as the top school in the fair.  Words really cannot express how proud I am of our hardworking students.

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