Monday, 24 August 2015

Science Fair

Last Friday, Room 10 all went to the pavillion at the Hamilton Gardens to support the people with entries in the NIWA Waikato Science Fair.  As a class, we had 21 students enter projects, plus three photographic entries.  There were also three projects, two observational drawings and two photo entries from across the school.

When they arrived at the fair, they had to register then set up their projects on the spot given to them. Evahn and Ellie about their projects. They waited here from a judge to come and judge their project, by reading it and asking questions. For many, this interview was nerve wracking.  I will ensure my students next year get a lot more interviewing practice.  While they were waiting for the judges to come around, the Minister for Science and Innovation, the Honorable Steven Joyce, came to the fair. He took the time to talk to both of them.  Danielle also talked to the Hamilton East MP, David Bennet about her project.

This year's fair was the largest held in the Waikato, with 29 school represented, totalling almost 400 entries.  After students are interviewed, the judges then gather together, discuss what they have seen, and revisit displays that were thought highly of.  The judges discuss these and choose displays to be placed fist, second, third or highly commended in their sections.  There are also industry-sponsored special prizes chosen.

Schools with prize winners received an email saying which students need to be at the prize giving ceremony tomorrow night, but not what prize they have won.  I was absolutely delighted with the record number of winners we have from Berkley:

I am absolutely delighted that some many of our students have been recognised for their hard work.

Here are some of the pictures James took at the fair:

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