Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sports Camp

This is the first year that Berkley has attended a sports camp at Totara Springs (in Matamata).  It is a five-day camp where 7 schools compete in heaps of different sports.  Berkley took a team of 36 students, and together they competed in 28 sports.

Here's the information from the website:
Places in the team were hotly contested, with many trials taking place.  Once the team was named, the practices began; there was some form of practice before school and at lunchtime every day, together with other practices for over a term.

In Room 10, we were thrilled when Leigh, Chloe and Hunter were selected as a part of their team. We witnessed the incredibly hard work they put into their training, as they got more and more tired.

At the camp, Berkley was competing against five teams from Auckland and another from Hamilton. They competed hard all week, often running from one event to another.  

As a part of the competition, each team needs to present a five-minute cheer for the cheer competition. This is presented on the last night (they must've been so tired then).  Here it is:

At the end of the week, Berkley was crowned the champion school for the week. As a school we are very proud of our students, it is neat to see the results come from all of the hard work the students put in - a life lesson for us all.

Well done Leigh, Chloe and Hunter.

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