Saturday, 26 September 2015

Exhibition: We did It!

Exhibition day finally arrived, and for the first time in this process I felt truly stressed.  All the last minute demands - printing, space, ActivPanels, extension leads, paint, blue tack, double-sided tape etc, left me feeling like I was running around non-stop.  Finally, things were coming together nicely though.

In Blocks 3 and 4, the rest of the school had the opportunity to visit our exhibition.  This was especially important for our 300+ students who will find themselves doing their own inquiries for exhibition next year.  Our classrooms felt chaotic and overcrowded, but the process was extremely important for our students to gain confidence in speaking to people about the process they had been through and their findings, together with action.  

After talking with the teachers who came through in Block 3, we had three important things that they felt the students could improve on:

  1. Initiating the discussions with people coming through;
  2. Showing them their work in the [group] big books - we all felt it was important that parents, in particular, could see what the groups had done throughout the eight weeks;
  3. Action - telling people where to next for their issue, whether that was for the wider community, the group members or the audience.
The end result for us as a school was that we (teachers, administrators and the students themselves) were extremely proud of what we had achieved.  They were impressive in their preparations, presentations, discussions and knowledge.  The parents seemed thrilled with what they saw and I appreciated the positive feedback.

Here is a slideshow with a brief glimpse of each group.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

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