Thursday, 24 September 2015

Literacy in Term Four

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of Term 3.  As I look forward to planning for next term, I am aware of how busy we always seem to be, and how quickly time seems to fly by.  In terms of our literacy lessons.  I have three things I would like to do, but am not sure we'll be able to fit all three in.  Therefore, I will give you a chance to share your preferences.

List these in order of preference, with your reasons.
  • Debating
  • Short story writing
  • Poetry slam


  1. Hi there Mrs Hogg, my preferences are as you listed;
    1. Debating, 2. Short story writing, and 3. Poetry Slam.
    I enjoy debating as it is a opportunity to have an argument, however it is also true that it helps us to see anthers perspective by being asked to try and convince others of a perspective against our personal one.
    Short story writing comes in second, as there's a lot of creativity involved in writing a short story, and I enjoy writing, quite a lot, so why wouldn't I want to write a short story?
    Finally, Poetry Slams come third,, simply because I'm not a poet, and don't really enjoy writing poetry, however all of the topics listed would be interesting to have a crack at.


    1. I agree mostly with you, except for the last on. Simply because you are not good at something does not man it is less enjoyable for you and the reason why you aren't the best poet around is because you haven't learnt it to it's full capacity for you, which is the whole point of doing a poetry slam; to improve your poetry skills.

      P.S: You spelt another's wrong !


    2. Hey Aryan, you spelt one wrong...

  2. These are my preferences
    1. Debating
    2. Short story
    3. Poetry slam

    I put debating first because I haven't done this much in school in previous years and I think I would like to try something new.
    Short stories are second for the reason that I don't like the idea of poetry slams and I also enjoy being creative when making a short story.

  3. Hi Mrs Hogg I would probably say:
    1. Short story writing
    2. Debating
    3. Poetry Slam

    I chose Short story writing first because I like writing stories and it's the only one that I have done previously. I chose debating next because everyone in the class likes it so it must not be that bad.Then I chose Poetry Slam because its the last one left.

  4. Hi Mrs Hogg, I would probably say,
    1. Short story writing
    2. Poetry slam
    3. Debating

    Simply because I have done debating before. I would love to do it again, but I'd prefer to do poetry slam or story writing because of the diversity within in.

  5. Hi Mrs Hogg I would probably prefer,
    1. Short Story Writing
    2. Poetry Slam
    3. Debating

    I chose these in this order because I love writing short stories and I think that some of the outcomes will be very creative and fun to read. I have never done poetry slam before and I would like to give it a go and therefore the last one left is debating.

    Thank you Mrs Hogg have a great holiday.


  6. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I think the way I would order these would be like this:
    1. Debating - we have looked into this earlier this year and I am now really desperate to give it ago and put some of my skills to work. Debating is a way to be heard and a lot of issues these days are debated and, I personally, would understand the process and meaning of these debates more with a little of my own experience.
    2. Short Story - most of our writing this year has either been factual or some kind of poem and I really do love writing my own stories. I would love to put our 'Draft' technique to use at the same time with some of the other skills you've taught us. It is a very broad topic and I think it would fit to people's needs.
    3. Poetry Slam - I'm not actually too keen on this one because of the fact that we have all written many poems this year and to write more but this time present them doesn't appeal at the moment.
    Happy holidays.

  7. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I'm sorry I wasn't at school Friday, I had a cough and cold, but I am starting to feel better now.

    My order of preference would be:

    1) Poetry Slam:
    as Brooke pointed out, we have done a lot of poems this year, but I think this would give us more experience and practise.
    I really like writing poems, and I think this would be a fun way of testing us, and improving performance skills.

    2) Debate:
    As well being a new writing style to learn about, this will also teach us new things about our classmates, and help us form new opinions about different issues. I also think it would be a challenge if you were on the side opposite to your opinion.

    3) I'm not particularly fond of short stories, mainly because mine end up being long ones, but it would be good practise for me to not ramble on as I usually do.

    I started reading the Artimus Fowl series again, to brush up for Thursday.

    Hope you have a good holiday with your family,

  8. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    my preference for next term would be 1. Debating because we looked into it a little earlier in and they looked fun and also my brother has l stories from when he was at berkley when they did debating and they sounded really fun. It also might help me come over my fear of public speaking.

    2. Poetry slam, the videos we looked at earlier in the year were interesting and I want to give them a go and we could also have a competition.

    3. Short stories, I don't dislike them I've just done them before and want to try something new

    Hope you have a good holiday.

  9. Hey Mrs Hogg,
    I would like to do short stories and poetry slam.
    - Writing short stories is a hobby of mine I find that they really help my technique and they help me become a better writer. I'm sure that many of my classmates have written short stories before but I find that every time I write one I improve my skills a little more. Short stories are a way for people to be creative and I would love to see the outcome.
    - I have never done a poetry slam so I think it would be quite cool to try something new. I enjoy writing poetry and I think I'm best at rhyming poetry so hopefully I will be able to use some of my skills to make a great poem. We have done a lot of poems this year and I would prefer to carry on with the theme, then when we are finished we could add it to our anthology.
    - Debating is something I have done before and I can't say it is my favourite but I wouldn't mind doing it again.

  10. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I would love to do debating!
    Then Poetry Slam
    then Short Story Writing

  11. 1. Debating! totally!
    2. Poetry slam
    3. Short story writing

    And we looked into debating earlier and I thought that we would do it, but we didn't so I really want to.

  12. Hello Mrs Hogg
    I would probably choose
    1 ~ Short Story Writing because I did this a lot in year six and I really enjoyed it
    2 ~ Debating because I've never done it and I think it would be very interesting to try out and a lot of fun
    3 ~ Poetry Slam because with the videos we watched, I would find it difficult to write a poem of that style

  13. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    My preference would be:
    1. Debating
    2. Short Stories
    3. Poetry Slam
    I would like to do debating because I haven't done much of this and I think it would be fun to express our opinions.

  14. Short Story Writing
    the Poetry Slam

    I put short story in first because I love creative writing. I think that debating should go next because its a real change to creative\short story writing.
    I feel like poetry slam should go last because we have already done a lot of poetry and I would love to learn something new.


  15. Debating first because we were told we were going to do it in term 3 and I personally love it.
    Then Poetry Slam because I would rather do Poetry Slam more then Story Writing.
    Then Story Writing because it is the least in my interest to do.

  16. Mrs Hogg
    1.I think my first chocie would have to be debating becuase our class would be able to argue their point really well.
    2. Poetry Slam, because it would be a new thing to try.
    3. And my last choice is short story writing because it is kind of a 'Been There, Done That' thing.

  17. I would like to do the following:
    Debating because I believe that the skills that you acquire will be very useful in life.
    Poetry Slam because it feels like I'm doing what I enjoy, and I can express myself.
    Short Stories because I feel like we have already done that quite a bit this year and it's getting a bit boring, but sometimes I have the freedom to write about what ever subject I want.

  18. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    My prefered order of preferences would have to be:

    1. Debating, because it gives us a great opportunity to share our opinions and thoughts on certain subjects in a controlled environment.

    2. Poetry slam, because it is like singing your thoughts and , and I really like singing.

    3. Short story writing because I prefer to speak my opinions and thoughts over writing them.

  19. Maia
    2.Short story writing
    3.Poetry slam

    I personally love debating, and often do it at home with my brother (usually unintentionally)
    I have little experience with short stories and would love to learn more about them.
    which leaves my last option, poetry slam, personally I don't like poetry and find that a lot of the time I over complicate them which makes me get very confused.

  20. Hello Mrs Hogg,
    Here is the list of what I would like to do for Writing in term 4.
    1)Debating - This is top of my list because I have never done it before. In class I have done things like persesive writing and speeches. It would be really fun to do both, also in such a opinionated class I can't wait.
    2)Poetry Slams - I enjoyed watching the videos earlier in the year and was amazed by the depth of what seemed like a simple poem. It's good enough to read a poem but see ing it come to life through words and expression was and other step up.
    3)Short Stories - This is only last on my list because I have covered it so many times before.
    Thank you,

  21. I think we should do short story writing first, this is because it has been fun writing stories but I would like to get better at writing stories as well. I would really like to give debating a try after. This is because I have never done it before and I would like to give it a try. After that I would like to do poetry slam. I chose this last because we have done lots of poetry this year. But I do think it would be cool to sharpen up our skills though.
    From Jodi

  22. 1. Short Story Writing
    2. Debating
    3. Poetry Slam

    I half like writing short stories at school because it gives me a chance to express my imagination in the form of a story.
    I've never done debating at Berkley but I feel like I'm gonna like it.
    Personally I hate poetry and wuld like to learn something new.

  23. These are my preferences:

    1. Debating because we looked at it a bit earlier in the year and it sounded fun.
    2. Short stories because I like writing them more than poetry.
    3. Poetry slam because I don't really like writing poetry.

  24. 1.Debating, because we were supposed to do it term three.
    2.Poetry Slam, because the videos on it looked fun.
    3.Short Story because I don't like short stories.

  25. -debating
    -short stories
    -poetry slam

    I have chosen this order because I have always loved the idea of debating and I haven't done it before so I wanted to try something new.
    Short stories is also something that I love because of the ability to write something short and exciting.

  26. My order of choices would have to be;

    1- Poetry Slam
    2- Debating
    3- Short Story Writing

    1/Poetry Slam- I think this would be a good thing to do since we have done alot of poetry writing throughout the year, and it would be a good way to not exactly test our skill but put us into a, maybe unusual enviroment. Poetry Slams incoperate both presenting through writing and through giving an audience a verbal presentation. These are both good skills that can be used later, I'm also driven to choose Poetry Slam as my first, because poetry is a hobby of mine and I thoroughly enjoy it.

    2/Debating- I have put debating as my second choice, based on the fact that I haven't actually done any decent length of debating within school, and I would love to have the chance to do this. I personally think that if we did debating after poetry slam then it may help, considering poetry slam would help with verbal presentation and such.

    3/Short Story Writing- I have put short story writing as my last choice simply because I have done so much of it, while being at St Doms College in Auckland, and last year at Berkley. I enjoy doing this style of writing but would enjoy the other two options more, considering I have done less of them.

  27. Short Story Writing
    Poetry Slam

    I have loved writing short stories since I went to a writing conference in primary school. I want to try out poetry slam because it seems like a interesting topic to do. I would love to do debating but I would have to put short stories and poetry slam first because I have learnt about debating numerous times already.


  28. My Preference is:

    1) Poetry slam because when that guy on TED talk did it, it sounded cool.
    2) Short stories because they can have so much depth without getting too boring.
    3) Debating because, although I do it an awful lot, I don't like it that much.

    ~ Zach