Monday, 14 September 2015

Speech Competition

As I told you all about today, the Inter Intermediate Speech Competition is coming up at the start of next term. This is not compulsory for Room 10 because of exhibition, but I'd love to see lots of you take up the challenge.

I don't have many details yet but will post as more comes to light.

Speech topic:               No set topic
Time:                          Maximum of three minutes
Team Competition:       Monday 12th October (Day 1, Term 4)
School Competition:     Tuesday 13th October (school entry is due)
Speech Competition:    Tuesday 20th October at Melville Intermediate


  1. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I will be competing in this without doubt and am really looking forward to it as well!
    I have recently watched the Tamahere School Senior Speech Finals so there are a few ideas up my sleeve!

  2. Hi Mrs. Hogg.
    I would LOVE to compete in this fabulous competition as enjoy handling big audiences and just admire the overall concept of a speech !
    I've got A LOT of ideas and picking one will be excruciatingly hard !
    I heard only on person from the entire school gets picked, this will be a big challenge for anybody, but it's a challenge I'll enjoy taking !


    1. The time limit is turning out to be a HUGE problem !