Friday, 16 October 2015

Being Second

Yesterday afternoon, we were rounding up our day, and wishing our students heading to Tauranga for the Baymaths competition all the best (Aryan, Jason, Max and Jiarn). Aryan was really excited about going and was making it very clear that he didn't want to come second (after being second in Waimaths, science fair and the school speech competition).  He felt that it would be dreadful if he was to be second again.  At his stage, I asked Aryan, "So, what would be better, coming second or third?" At first Aryan laughed, but he did take the time to think about it and decided it would definitely be preferable to be second.  To me, this is a lesson on perspective and having the realisation that all our achievements are worth being proud of if we have put the effort into them.

PS. Congratulations to Aryan, who was first and Max who was second in the individual section, and to the Year 8A team (Max, Jiarn and Aryan) who won the Y8 section.    That is a wonderful result, and Aryan didn't have to fear being second again.

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  1. Well done guys, and what a great lesson you learned.