Saturday, 24 October 2015

Berkley's Production

On Wednesday night, I had the privilege of attending Berkley's biennial production.  This production was unique for Berkley in that it wasn't a musical, rather a play that was beautifully written by Robbie Moore, our drama teacher.

The production told the story of a boy named Tumatauenga, who was usually called Tu because people couldn't pronounce his full name.  This upset him greatly, and he found himself becoming more and more angry about it.  He came to resent his name, but by hearing the retelling of his people's history through myths and legends he begins to understand what a special name his parents gave him.  This play is about respect, acceptance and appreciation of people and culture.

For the last few months, 11 students from Room 10  have been disappearing regularly to rehearse and set up for the technology side (sounds, lighting, recording etc), so I was excited about seeing them in action.

I was not disappointed, the production was awesome; characters were well cast and the costumes were amazing (Miss Miller's creative imagination really showed through).  Congratulations to everybody involved.

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  1. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    It sure was a great production from what I saw of it backstage! I felt we were in a proper performance because of all the time we spent perfecting costumes and scenes, not just in a school production. I really congratulate Mr Moore for writing such a great production. It was a big commitment for all of us but I think it was completely worth it.