Saturday, 31 October 2015

Changing my Perspective

Saving the Slow Loris

For the last few years, they internet has been amused and charmed by the pictures of the slow loris being tickled.  People love videos such as this:

I have to admit, I loved this videos, being charmed by this animal.  Right until yesterday, when I read this:

" Slow lorises are being funneled into the exotic pet trade in droves, poached from their homes to meet the ever-growing demand for pet lorises. And what's behind the sudden clamoring for pet lorises? The much-shared videos of slow lorises being tickled, where the little animals put their arms up like they're having the time of their life.
But the truth is, these videos are torture. And IAR, which runs the largest slow loris center in the world, has launched the Tickling Is Torture campaign to raise awareness about how these videos affect lorises like Cepat. Even putting aside the pet demand they create, IAR said, tickling is a nightmare for slow lorises.
"When a slow loris is tickled it raises its arms above its head, not because it is enjoying it but in an attempt to defend itself by accessing a venomous gland on the inside of its elbow," IAR explained in a statement.
You can read the whole article here.

I was really shocked at the reality behind these 'cute videos'.  A campaign with this video has been made to raise people's awareness of this issue.

After watching this, I will never be able to watch the slow loris being tickled video again.  It makes me wonder what other animals are being misrepresented to us all.

Please visit the campaign page, and it you agree with me, sign the pledge.

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