Thursday, 22 October 2015


Brooke in the school competition

Last week we had our school speech competition. Brooke and Aryan represented our team in this. Both of their speeches were excellent, really impressing the judges. They were interesting topics, and very well presented; the audience was impressed with them. In the final result, Brooke took first place, and Aryan second (as you can read about below, this disappointed Aryan).  All of us in Room 10 were very proud of them.

Aryan in the school competition

As the winner of our school competition, Brooke had earned the place as our school's representative in the Waikato schools' Inter-intermediate Speech Competition.  

Brooke went to this competition on Tuesday night, where the representatives from 10 schools competed to be named the winner.  

The standard was incredibly high, with the judges from Toastmaster being very impressed at what the students had achieved.

At the end of the night, we were all thrilled to hear that Brooke was announced as the winner of the Waikato competition.  Congratulations Brooke - it is fabulous to see your amazing talent in both writing and public speaking being recognised.

Here are the photos Brooke's mother took of her being awarded the trophy in the competition on Tuesday night:

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