Wednesday, 4 November 2015

ICT Lesson: Future Careers

There has been a lot of media coverage lately about current careers that are disappearing.  Watch this clip:

After you have watched it, read this One News article.

Now, in the comments below, write three paragraphs to answer these questions:
  1. Do you believe what they are saying, and what do you think of it?
  2. How does this make you feel about your future, what changes do you think you'll need to make to your current thinking?
  3. After hearing these ideas, what sort of things can schools be doing to prepare their students for the future?


  1. I do believe in what they are saying, but maybe not to such an extent. These jobs most likely won't ever disappear, but only decrease in importance. The responsibilities that come with in those careers will change according to the new generations less needs. The world is growing, and becoming dependent on new things, not those older thing. Just because we won't rely on what those jobs do, doesn't mean we won't need what they do at all anymore.

    At the moment, I haven't thought about what I want to do with my future. Apart from making a career out of my musical hobbies, there's nothing else I know enough about to pursue. So, I'm not going to make any changes right now.

    I think that schools don't have to change what they are doing in terms of digital/physical job preparation, because most of the learning that we do in our schools right now is broad and could be applied to a wide range of jobs. There are things that schools should look at changing, but not in this aspect.

  2. HI there Mrs Hogg, I belive that they are simply saying that the world is changing very rapidly, and that the jobs required in this ever-changing society are also changing very quickly. I don't believe that it is particularly new, howver with the digital age, we have seen many new jobs appear, however, I believe that until our generation are the eldest generation alive, these "disappearing" jobs, will still linger, as I'm sure there are many who are still believers in the humble letter.

    How does it make me feel about my future?
    Very positive, as my intended career is in technology and computing, so I'm not worried about there being jobs available for me when I'm of working age. This does not change what I feel about my intended career at all.

    After hearing these ideas, what sort of things can school be doing to help prepare their students for the future?
    This is a biggie, and is only going to become more of a problem. What school's need to focus on, is making kids capable in IT, and for those who are more interested in ICT, they need to extend them, so that they can be ready for the ever-expanding world of technology-based jobs. A very large problem with this is that software is expensive, and to really become competent, students need to be competent on the latest software, as it will continue to develop. This problem is true, maybe even more so in the realm of hardware, as it changes so fast! a $110 smartphone 4 years ago is only worth about $5, as you can find far, far better smartphones now days for a mere $40, Mind Boggling.


  3. I think that the video and article have a fair point that many jobs will disappear in a few decades. I don't think that it will lead to a huge loss of employment because new jobs will be created and technology companies may get more people working for them.
    As technology replace many people as workers and many jobs require using devices to analyse information, sell goods and receive and send messages to/from colleagues, inferiors and supervisors.
    Schools should increase the variety of subjects they teach students. That way students will have more skills and a wider range of career options.

  4. I completely believe in what they are saying. It is inevitable and is good in a way. I am 100% certain that computers can do better jobs than a lot of people (not saying everybody), but that of course can lead to civil unrest and people will want their jobs back.

    I think my future looks fine. My job in sight can actually not really be done by computers, but definetly with computers. My changes would only really be to learn even more about computers

    Schools should be teaching more about how to use a computer and not just the basics, go in depth. Also, teach children to think of possible jobs that they could do that won't have computers doing them and teach to plan backups.

  5. I think the people in this video and the article have a point and I think that not just these jobs, but all jobs have a chance of being axed. These jobs may be the ones that are axed in the near future. I'm okay with these jobs being endangered, because most of them I don't think I'd look into and if I did, there probably would be around just fewer people in it.

    As I said before, I'm okay with these jobs being endangered, because most of them I don't think I'd look into and if I did, there probably would be around just fewer people in it. So I'm not too worried about my future. I think that I'd just need to adjust to the current situation.

    Schools can prepare their kids by having a future job teacher. This would the sort of person that was an expert in jobs that could arise in the near future. S/he would teach the kids about jobs in the near future and tell them what they would be doing.

  6. Hello Mrs Hogg,

    I believe some of the things they are saying. however, if all of those jobs are going to be taken then does that mean with the higher rate of unemployed citizens that tax rates will drop. Well... probably not. To be honest, with technology new jobs will arise. Like we may not have car mechanics but there might be car mechanics. It is also a question of trust, like these guys said, would you let a robot book your flight or perform surgery on you. Some things will become easier with technology, but with all the possible malfunctions, is it reliable.

    I feel exited for the future it will be cool to see how technology can advance even more (can't wait to have a hover board). Technology will definitely make things easier and more efective. But like I said in the previous paragraph, there will also be things that aren't as safe of easy. So in a way I am sort of a bit nervous for the future. I'm just hoping that robots don't actually end up taking over the world.

    I think teaching kids to use modern technology from an early age will definitely help. Because of the increase of jobs being taken over robots and computers the ability to use them effectively will increase the possibility of getting a job after leaving school. What is being done currently is actually working quite well. Plus, I think as technology advances I believe more university classes will become available.

    So think the world is actually quite prepared for the future. Thank you for sharing the video,


  7. 1. YES. And I think that this is scary. You could spend your entire education dedicated to getting a job, have your teachers in university and high school say 'Wow, are you working towards becoming a (Some job)? I think that with your skills and knoledge of being a (Some job) you'll be garunteed to get (Some job)! You leave university and POOF! There's a replacement for you in the form of a robot, or a program. BAM. All you're work and study. 'Sorry, but we have Mr Screws here! He's better than ANY human at this job!' Thats just like, Congrats! U is now stuffed!

    2. It makes me feel REALLY paranoid. (What? Im weird! okay?!) I guess I'll need to start to learn to adapt both my thinking and my learning to cope with the future. After all, technology is a bit like rabbits. (To me, at least.) It starts of kinda small, rises steadly, then BAM! It skyrockets. If you take a look at a digram of the world-wide human population you'll see what I mean. Technology is just going to skyrocket, and so will the variability of careers and basicly EVERYTHING.

    3. School can teach learning. I know this sounds confusing, but what I'm trying to put across the moat here is that, If schools teach students to learn, so that it's easier for students to pick up knowledge and adapt to the problems and other stuff that I may have mentioned, then students will be able to keep up and totally not fail. Which is a good thing. Or schools could teach more broadly.

  8. Hi Mrs Hogg,

    This is a very interesting topic and something quite freaky to think about.

    I believe in some of the things they are saying as technology evolves more and more everyday and more people get more involved in it. People will start losing jobs but it want happen at a fast pace, I think people should consider these things and start reconsidering but people who are already in the middle of their carrier may be quite unlucky and cant imagine how hard it will be for them. We will have a a lot of unemployment and I'm on sure how, when technology take over more and more, how will we keep making money? What will they do when their i no one to pay and no one to receive income from?

    Honestly, this doesn't effect my thinking about my future as I haven't decided what path I want to take just yet as there are so many things I am interested in but I think the changed wont effect me too much as our generation is already so involved with the internet, we will have other job opportunities because not only will jobs be disappearing but more will be opening up. At the moment, Youtube is providing many teenagers and families a good income and soon more things like that will develop. Other social media like vine is also taking over.

    As much as I don't like the idea of it, I think schools should teach students things about technology from an earlier age. They should teach things like coding and things to do with money so that they have more knowledge already. I think that as long as kids are brought up with the software and technology, they will be comfortable with it and capable to take up lots of roles.

    Personally, I hate the idea of technology taking over. Yes, I use it a lot but that is only for the social part of it. I still read physical books because I love them way more than an online copy, I still love receiving something in the mail and frankly, email may be handy but it's boring. Does any one agree or is it just me?


  9. Hi Mrs Hogg,

    I do see their point of view in both the video and news article, but I also think this is one of many possible futures. I think that yes, as we are becoming more dependent on technology, jobs will start to disappear, as people just won't be needed. But, But some I believe will stay, because I think we are never going to be able to fully trust technology. Take phones for an example. Companies are always trying to improve them, make them better, iron out wrinkles. This may be for marketing, but also because they are not considered "good enough".
    What struck me in the article was the part about:

    "Even more frightening is that no-one is planning for this race against the machine." (
    What happens if artificial intelligence got too intelligent? What if they developed a will of their own, decide that they don't like humans. As fancifal and Sci-Fi as it seems, it could be a possibility.

    I think I am going to have to learn more about technology and how it works, because I know the bare minimum, and the way they are predicting things, that's not enough. I am also not particularly found of computers and things as well, so I should probably learn to like it, or just completely rebel against it and live without it.

    I think schools will need to start to give students more lessons on things like coding, to give us more of a chance in the modern world. Maybe create a whole new subject devoted to Technology.

    I just hope we will learn to live without technology, so it doesn't take over the world.

    - Emily

  10. I know that many jobs are disappearing, I just don't agree with the ones they have picked. Most of these jobs as they said will still be there in the future, just down sized or slightly different. However jobs such as teachers and maybe building (which they did mention) may not be necessary as machines will be able to do it to a higher standard (bear in mind that people will still be needed to look over these machines so that nothing goes wrong!)

    There will be new jobs in the future which I am actually very excited about, though I am not sure if I will be the best person at it as I am not very good with technology and many of the new jobs will be based around that. I need to stop thinking about all current jobs as the only options and maybe start thinking about studying something tech based in high school.

    I think schools should base their focus on technology and languages because with all this new technology we will be able to access other countries websites and we will be able to communicate with them, but this may not be possible with misunderstandings from language translation. We also know that google translate isn't the most reliable website...

  11. Hi Mrs Hogg

    I completly believe what they are saying, technology has been part of our lives since the start of the 21st century and at the rate that technolongy is improving these jobs will soon be a thing of the past. I don't think that these jobs becoming extinct will be a good thing though because if robots or machines start doing all the work for us we will all become lazy and expect other people/things do it for us.

    This makes me feel very uncertain about what my job will be in the future. I have a job in mind (something to do with Health) that I would like to become and I don't think it will change, but anything is possible in this world with technology changing how our lives operate. I think I will still try and do something in health, but will keep my options open just incase.

    I don't think they no cut out anything, but maybe inform the children that jobs are changing and what you would class as the original jobs may not be around and also they need to teach them other skills, because a lot of the stuff that you get taught may not even exist as jobs when the children are adults looking for jobs


  12. Hi Mrs Hogg,
    I agree with them because our world is becoming more and more developed and dependant on technology, which isn't necessarily a good thing. If we carry on like this, the future generations will not know how to do basic things themselves and will have to rely on artificial intelligence, thus rendering more people than ever, jobless.

    This makes me worry about my future because society is constantly changing and the things I study now might be completely useless to me when it comes time for me to look for a job. Careers we learn about today might be nothing but topics in history lessons in the future. I think I'll have to change the way I see technology, to adapt and better prepare myself for life that evolves around it.

    I think, for a start all schools should have an ICT suite and have sessions at least once a week. This will help students become more confident using computers and using technology to get their ideas across. But also make sure that they use books so that they don't fully rely on it.

  13. I think that it is true that there will be huge numbers of unknown jobs in the future and less of the known jobs now for humans as we will start using computerised equipment to do our work for us. I think that it will be really sad as too many people will get redundant and get replaced by robots or something like that.

    I feel a little bit uncertain about if my dream job will still be available to me as a human when I am older or wether a robot will take my place and leave me with no job. I am not very techno so I am not very positive about my future career which is sad.

    I think that schools should teach more about the technology side of things since our lives are apparently going to revolve around robots and technology when we get older. This would mean that everyone will have at least a little bit of knowledge about technology and have a better chance a getting a job than if they knew nothing. Which most of us do right now!


  14. 1. I do believe on what they are saying because it is pretty close to reality. We are losing many jobs because of technology however, because of technology we are getting more jobs. I personally think that this is a really good thing because it shows that humanity is evolving to a state that we don't even need mailmen anymore.

    2. I think that my future will be pretty good because I think the harder jobs that we have now might be gone or made easier in a few years. The jobs in the future will be about technology and probably on astronomy as we are very close to find life on mars, as good as that sounds it does sound kind of creepy that we are evolving this fast.

    3. School can prepare for the future by teaching students about technology and also educate them on career paths. I personally would teach students about jobs that will soon come and jobs that will soon leave. I think coding will be a handy thing to teach students at an early age as technology is about to take over from here on.

  15. Hi Mrs Hogg,

    I believe that yes many jobs are losing their purpose due to advancing technology. I think that this is going to affect anyone who is going into the job industry around now due to jobs most likely going to end in 20 years. Being made redundant when all you want to do is drive round in a car delivering post is going to be pretty hard. The one job they mentioned that straight away I disagreed with was farming. I don't think farmers will lose their jobs because though we are already starting to have robots in the sheds robots can't run the whole farm farms won't need as many people on hand but they will still need farmers to run the farms.

    This makes me feel very unprepared about my future. With jobs that will be available when it's time for people my age to go into the job industry unknown to us at the moment it makes it rather hard to stick with one thing and choose your subjects according to this job. The changes I will make to my thinking is being open minded to job opportunities and probably taking broader subject ranges.

    To help students prepare for this, schools can definitely be teaching computer skills and all things technology. They can also help students pick subjects coming into NCEA that will help them in a certain type of job category. Schools can also help them choose these job categories therefore when it comes to picking a job even though it might not exist yet you will be prepared for any job available within your category.

  16. 1. Yes I believe in what they are saying because newspapers aren't bought anymore because you have to walk to the shop and pay for them or pay extra for a subscription and delivery. It's much easier to look on the NZ Herald online because it only takes you a matter of seconds to get online and type in the website for FREE. Jobs are also being lost because it costs companies a lot to pay their workers' wages compared to getting an artificial intelligence system for a lot cheaper. Companies do this because they need to earn as much money as possible to make sure their business turns out as well as possible.
    This is the truth, but this is what is causing the majority of unemployment in first world countries.

    2. This makes me very weary about my future as I am planning on taking up a career involving my mathematical ability. In the future people might have created all sorts of artificial intelligence to help with these jobs meaning humans won't be needed as much anymore. I will be careful of what I plan to study as the jobs could soon lose the need for people. I am also worried about if when I am in my tertiary years that an artificial intelligence system is developed to the job I am studying, as if I study something for 3-5 years then that leaves that amount of time for people to invent new ways with computers.

    3. In schools, student should be advised if artificial intelligence is going to reduce employment for the jobs they are planning to study and improve studies into computers as this could increase employment for jobs such as computer engineering and a lot more people would be needed to fix the technology if something goes wrong as their would be a lot more to fix.

  17. I do believe what they are saying because digital improvements keep coming and coming. I do think that for every digital job there is there will always be a humans job to either be replacing the batteries of stock for the machines. The jobs that will be lost are in my opinion are the minor set of jobs, like the postman and the tea trolley. There is one job on that list that I didn't agree with. Airline crew should defiantly not be replaced by robots. What were to happen if there was a malfunction. We would just be placing ourselves in more danger.

    Well I think that my main job dream, to be a vet is not in the safe box. Because if you think about it there are already robots helping with surgeries and other medical issues. So I will still follow my job ambition but will have a backup plan. Personally I would prefer it if vets would stay humans. Not just because I want to be a vet but because I don't like the idea of robots taking over the jobs that belong to us, the future generation. I don't know why but I have an irrational fear of a robot domination over earth.

    I think that the HUMAN teachers should teach their students coding and stuff about computers from an earlier age. Because technology is not my strong point I don't really trust it,like I said before. I feel like we should have a computer exam and it should be compulsory. We should also learn a basic amount of engineering as that will be a good life skill to have. In case your wondering what I mean by 'Basic amount' things like how to put a robot together and how to take it apart again. We should also ween ourselves off technology a little bit so we can get used to living without it.

  18. Yes, I agree that jobs will vanish, but there are a few things to keep in mind when we talk about this.

    Firstly, this is not anything new, it's been happening for years and will continue to happen; live theatre - (mostly) to movies. This is absolutely normal and it will do more bad than good if we try to avoid it. We have to learn to let go of jobs like postmen and farmers, because the future has something for us and we can't try to dodge it.

    Secondly, job won't only be destroyed, but they will evolve and even new ones will pop up. Live theatre had actors, producers, directors and stage crew. Now movies have actors, producers, directors and stage crew. Sounds familiar ? These jobs haven't disappeared, they've just evolved into a newer version. Jobs will replace themselves, if farmers is replaced by robots (probably not), then new jobs will be created to design and produce those robots and humans would probably need to check up on them from time to time.

    Lastly, nothing will ever be FULLY automated. Homosapiens will never be able to trust a completely and utterly robot (especially after the terminator series). A robot making full CGI movies ? 50 editors and checker uppers. Humans will need supervisors and editors.

    To help our generation be able to adapt to the future, we should teach them a wide range of subjects so they can be prepared to adapt to the necessities of their time. Everywhere from maths to horticulture to graphic design. We need to prepare them from the future and whatever it may hold.


  19. I think that at least some of what they're saying is correct, and I do believe more and more people are going to lose their jobs, and even careers, because of this "revolution." Many people's jobs will either be replaced with machines, or erased from the system, as they will not be needed. Lots of people will not be expecting their jobs to be taken away from them, and some of them will just be waiting for the day to come.

    I am unsure whether my dream job will be still available when I'm older, but I know I have a few backups if things go downhill. My first choice would be a program manager, like my Dad; but, I could still be happy with a lawyer, a cosmologist, or an actor. I think actor will have to be human, so that they can show real emotion when they are "on stage." I have a feeling that lawyers could be replaced, but I also think think they won't be, because they need a real human to display their ideas in the court of law, because all it takes for a criminal to go free is a hacker to reprogram the robot's intentions.

    Schools; are there to teach students about a range of things, including the job options available to them at that time. This list could drastically change within 10-20 years, and that could affect schooling, teachers and students alike.

  20. I do think that there will be many jobs that will be taken over by computers but I don't think it will take only 20 years, at least I hope not. I really don't know how long it will take for the majority of jobs to be taken over but there are already lots of jobs that no longer need people. The other day my brother came home and told my family what jobs will be automated in the near future and the list was quite long. My uncle owns a building company and he just bought a new machine that takes the job of four men, it measures and cuts a piece of wood without any help from a human so there is no need for extra workers and he also got a face scanner that lets him know when his workers enter and exit the building so he knows how many hours they've been working so there is no need for someone to record their hours they just use a computer.

    I've always thought of being a teacher when I'm older and there are a lot of things that teachers do that can be done by computers such as, editing, calculating and teaching most things in general but there are also many things computers could never do such as relate to the kids. Computers don't have feelings so how could they understand the kids? Children have all sorts of random questions and computers wouldn't be able to understand them and while I'm on the subject of understanding, computers wont be able to recognise jokes.

    I think schools can open the eyes of the students to what jobs will still be around in their future and brace the students for change. They can teach them skills that are used for jobs in the future and just do what schools do, teach kids. Other than that they can't do much, can they?


  21. I think that what they are saying is true, especially that jobs may derease and change but they won't fully dissappear for a long time. I think that many jobs will be transformed inot computers and dissappear frojm our choices but I know that that is in the future and yes our generation will be effected but I dont think it will top us dramatically from accomplishing our goals or future jobs.

    I have never really liked the idea of computers and technology advancing especially since I have never really understood very much about computers. To be fair I dont enjoy it now but I would miss doing all the chores if they all dissappeared in the future, along with writing testes rather than typing them, I much rather prefeer the paper copies of star and PAT tests so im thankful that Icas tests are still paper. My thinking of everything is too advanced and changed for me to understand is going to need to change because its only just started and I'm going to need to learn more about computers and how to use them because thats all the future is going to be and it will gradually get there, but hopefully I still have some time left.

    I agree with the article of teching more technolical skills and making that more of a important subject as in high school it is optional, and I know many people who would never choose to take it and we will probably need that information in th future. Overall I am sad that in the future we will be using technology even more and things will dissappear may that be jobs, activites, actions, whatever but hopefully that won't happen too soon and we still have a while left.

  22. I can't see many current jobs vanishing completely. True we could be swarmed with new jobs like hover bike police squad escort or whatever but no matter what, the old jobs will always hang around somewhere. We make cheese differently than a handful of years ago, yet no one probably realised that because the job still remains for cheese making people. I can not think of one job right now that I can't see somewhere in the future. And accounting will always be around anyways, helping those too useless to count their gold. No offence by that I hope. The point is that jobs won't ever completely disappear. West's comet was first seen 1975, and it's never been seen since. But it's coming back. Estimations are varied from 250,000 to 500,000 years till it passes us again. It's gone but it's coming back! And if a comet can disappear for that long, who says that some of these new jobs are actually old jobs with some minor tech changes? We gave artists a fancy box with lights and BOOM! Graphics design! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE except they're using lights instead of paper. My conclusion: I have got to post this on my blog because this comment is amazing!

  23. I agree with them when they say people in trades(carpenters, doctors, nurses and veterniarians etc) are more likely to keep their jobs in the next 10-30 years. I also agree with them when they say farming and journalists won't go out of a job in the future., their roles will change slightly but Thet will still be there; farmers because animals need to be moved from paddock to paddock and plants need to be planted and harvested; journalists becaus people like personal touch and they might take hearing bad news from a person better than a computer/robot.

    This doesn't change my thinking of my future yet because my first choice of jobs is to be a doctor or something to do with the medical world, but I'm still not 100% sure there could be a new job that really interests me and there is still a lot of time to change my mind; but it might affect what type of doctor I am and my role within that job.

    I think that kids need to be prepared for this massive change into the era of technology. To help prepare them, schools need to give them a broad range of skills and expertise; and also make I.T(Information Technology) compulsery at high school or earlier; because more things will be computerised I.t will help greatly and giving them a broad range of skills and expetise will help if their job becomes redundunt, they will then have another choice.

  24. 1.I do believe that a lot of jobs will not be available soon with growing technology but with new technology comes new job openings so that will increase the amount of jobs with technology skills which some people haven't studied in that kind of area which will leave them without jobs. I think that with some jobs disappearing it will leave holes in our lives like we wouldn't need mailboxes which we would think is a bit strange not having one.

    2. I feel that my future is at risk now like some jobs that I have been pondering on might not be around later in my life and that I need to start learning more about technology because that is really not up my alley and with more jobs going to be created they are mostly going to be something to do with technology. I think that is a real concern for me.

    3. Schools can, to help with learning some things that will be new jobs in the future, teach a little more range of different technologies and more of a higher standard so you can be more prepared for the future where there will probably be more jobs needing that knowledge later on.