Wednesday, 25 November 2015

New Zealand Christmas Part 2

Dear Mrs R and your Wallabies,

We have sent you this poem to help you find out about a New Zealand Christmas. We hope you have fun reading it and you learn a lot about a Kiwi Christmas. There are some parts in it that don’t make huge sense as it was hard to rhyme, but we put heaps of effort into it. There might be a few words in it you don’t know.
Here is what they mean:
Togs- Swimmers
Jandals- Flip Flops
Pavlova- Meringue type cake

Happy Reading.

Lots of Love Georgia, Jodi, Ellie, and Evahn 

New Zealand Christmas

It was the 24th of December and we were excited to say the least,
We were looking forward to dinner though it wasn’t much of a feast,
We put out cookies, carrot and beer,
The carrots, of course, were for the reindeer,
Santa guzzled down his drink,
Read our letter and started to think,
These kids from New Zealand, they are quite a laugh,
One girl from Hamilton wanted a pet Giraffe,
He gave us his sincere and wished us a good day,
Then gave us our presents and went on his way.

We woke up early and smiled with glee,
Grabbed our stocking and ran to the tree,
Mum, Dad come see what we’ve got,
Santa has given us quite a lot,
The chocolate fish have melted from the heat,
It doesn’t matter, though, we have other treats,"
I ripped open my present with feelings of joy,
Excited to play with my brand new toy.

We jumped into our cool new togs,
Ran to the beach to play with the dogs,
Mum yelled to us,lunch is done,
Come play some cricket and have some fun,"
We kicked off our jandals, towels and hats,
Set up the wickets and grabbed the bats,
I hit a six, the ball landing in the sea.
Cousins all run shouting, It’s for me!!!,

We go inside to have some food,
Everyone in a fantastic mood,
The sun is shining on this festive day,
Kids in the park having a good play,
Three-legged races on the lawn,
Celebrations from dusk to dawn,
Petanque making lots of holes in the sand,
The radio in the background playing our favourite band

The BBQ cooked the steak to perfection,
The pavlova with a strawberry injection,
The potato salad being prepared,
The food that was brought was being compared,
We sat around the table ready to eat,
The fruit Salad looking so sweet,
We dug right in and scavenged for food,
Uncles making jokes that are a bit rude,
We finished our meal and talked for a bit
Walked on the beach with the sky moonlit
This wonderful day is coming to an end
I’m so happy that I could spend it with my family and friends.   

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  1. Hi Mrs hogg,
    I read this to my mum and nana whilst we are on our was to Auckland which has brought up the 'what are we doing for Christmas' discussion and it's very interesting to listen to now, being so awear of what us kiwis do! I never thought we were that traditional but we really are! My nana has decided to make pavlova and we are goig to have a BBQ with salad which I would presume most kiwis will be doing this Christmas!

    P.S I have my Japanese booklet so that I can practice today!