Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pacific Rose Bowl Festival

Judging roses for the children's choice award in the Pacific Rose Bowl Festival has long been an annual Berkley tradition.  This year it was Room 10's turn. It started last Monday with Mr Paviour-Smith from the Waikato Rose Society coming to meet us and teach us about roses.  We learned about the history of roses, the use they have and how new varieties are made.  Most importantly, we learned about how to judge roses.

Following that, last Wednesday we traveled to the Rose Gardens at the Hamilton Gardens.  Once there, the students were given a judging sheet to list their five favourite roses from the trial beds. New varieties of roses are planted (in bulk) in these trial beds for five years each, after which they are replaced with new varieties.  Thank you to Zach and Danielle's mothers for accompanying us.

Once we had completed the judging, we had a short opportunity to visit the gardens again, this time visiting the modernist garden, and revisiting the char bagh garden to see the flowers in bloom.

Thank you to Danielle for making this Kizoa of the photos both Evahn and I took on the day.

Then on Thursday, Mr Paviour Smith came back to school, to work with 6 students.  These students worked with him to choose Berkley's best roses to enter into the Rose competition over the weekend.  The next morning, Danielle's dad took the students and roses to the pavillion at the gardens, where the students learnt to display their roses.  We're eagerly awaiting the results.

Thank you to the parents who made this possible.

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