Thursday, 12 November 2015

UOI 6: Who we Are

For our current IB theme, we've been inquiring into the Central Idea: All living things change nd adapt to meet their needs.

As a part of this, we have been spending some time in the science room. On Monday in Block 4, we went in to carry out cow eye dissections.

When we first went in, Miss Williams offered Aryan the chance to lead the class through the introduction, information about they parts of the eye and how it works. He then talked through how to complete the dissection. Here is our teacher Aryan:

We then moved onto our dissection. In general, the students found it fascinating and enjoyed being able to find the different parts Aryan had talked about. Most students did an amazing job at being able to find what they were looking for. I think we were all impressed with the precision Emily showed - I wonder if surgeons would have been so skilled at this age (no pressure, Emily)?

The lesson gave us an excellent insight into the ways in which eyes work (the human eye is similar to the cow eye), which we can apply to the central idea.

Thank you to Brooke, who was our fabulous photographer. She took so many excellent photos that I have put them into a Loupe Collage - hover over a photo and it will enlarge.

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  1. I thought Aryan did really well teaching the lesson and when I wasn't hiding my face from the dissection I was really enjoying it.