Monday, 22 February 2016

BP Challenge - Recount and Reflection

Recount (blue pen)
What happened?

Reflection (red pen)
1. What worked well for you and your group
2. What didn't go well for your group?
3. What would you do differently next time?
4. What learning will you be able to apply to other tasks?
5. What did you learn about yourself in this task?
6. Why were other groups successful or unsuccessful?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Using the Internet and your Email

The following is a useful post that Mr Ahie wrote on his Room 14 blog.  Thank you for allowing us to use it.

Every student has an email address, a username, and a password.
You must remember these in order to use the computers.

Logging onto the school computers:

Once you have logged into Student on the laptops (see your teacher for the password), go to the Google Chrome app. This page may appear:

Click connect, and you should come to this page:

Type in your username and your password. This will get you connected to the school internet.

Using your Gmail and Google Drive

Go to or

Here, you must enter your email address (username +

This should bring you to this page:

Now here, you only type in your username (not your full email)
Type your password, and you should now be online.

You will be able to access your email from home also. You will need to know this because some of your homework will need to be sent to me.

All the best.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Teaming Groups

Here are the groups you will be in for PE, Japanese and Transdisciplinary Skills. These groups may change as things settle down and we see how each group from across the team works.

A Busy Start to the Year

Gosh, the first two weeks have flown by, and I haven't had a chance to share the many photos I have taken.  Here are some of the things we have been up to in Room 21 and across Team Aranui.

Team Aranui meeting together for the first time 
Tuesday 2nd February

School Swimming Sports
Thursday 4th February

Poowhiri to welcome new students and staff
Friday 5th February

Orientation to the science room
Tuesday 9th February

Team scavenger hunt to get to know Berkley better
Wednesday 10th February

Phew, it has been a busy start to the year, but we've had a good time and know each other a lot better now.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Art Homework for Y8 Students

Miss Miller has asked me to remind you of the preparation you need to do before your next art session (on Friday). Here it is:

Homework for tasks 2 and 3

Task 2 - Design Ideas
On a piece of A4 paper think of 4 -6 ideas that you could use in the construction of your 3D totem pole. (You can more ideas, that’s even better).  These totems will be seen from every side, so you may have items that would be seen on the back only or the front only.  These totems will be in colour.  And constructed from cardboard, paper mache, bamboo and whatever else we can be creative with.  If you have wool, clothing material or anything else you can think that might make your totem unique bring it along.

Think about clothing, pets, animals, sporting interests, hair styles, music, hobbies or favourite things you like to do or are interested in.  Things you might be wearing on you feet or carrying in your hands/arms.

Think about a range of generations - you, your parents, grandparents or even ancestors from further back.  Think about different sides of your family.

Research images totem poles or Maori Po.  Look at the colours and patterns they have used.  These will have meaning.  Could you develop something similar to use that represents your cultural background.

Task 3 - A photo of you.
It could be a family photo, so long as you are in it.  It could be just a head shot or it might be you with your favourite thing, pet, sport etc, so long as I can see you!

You can either bring the photo to school (I then scan it for you and give you your photo straight back to you),
You can email me a jpeg image only (don’t put the image into any other document or software).   My email is
If you are going to email, then please make sure that you include your name, room and team in the message section and attached the jPeg image.

You can pop in before class in morning or at big break and ask me to take a photo of you on my camera.  Just make sure you have done this option before your next class.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day One Reflection and Looking Forward

Well...our first day is done and dusted.  We've done a lot of administration and talking, and a little bit of getting to know each other.  I am really excited about the year ahead, and what we're going to achieve.  In the comments section below, I want to you write your name (only your first name), and answer each question:

1.  'Take up the Challenge' is our motto, and something I actively encourage. What do you want to do outside of the class this year?

2.  What things do you think are important for our class to run smoothly this year, with each person getting the most out of it?

Monday, 1 February 2016

What to Say.....

Tomorrow sees the start of the 2016 school year for my class and I have been thinking abut what I want to tell my class to know about me.
  • I believe respect is the key to a happy, welcoming, safe classroom.
  • I love learning (that is why I am a teacher) and am frustrated when students waste learning opportunities.
  • I know life isn't fair, but I like to pretend that things can be fair.
About me:
  • I have been teaching since 1995, first in Auckland, and then in Hamilton.
  • My husband is the Head of Science at St Paul's Collegiate School.
  • I have two sons, one in Year 12 and one in Year 10, both attending St Paul's.
  • Today, I said goodbye to my younger son as I dropped him off at Tihoi Venture School (his home for most of the next 18 weeks). Although I am excited for him, our house seems very quiet without our vivacious boy.
  • I have a constant shadow (when at home) in the form of my 5-year-old black and white dog Sam (a border collie x huntaway).
  • In terms of teaching, I like to push my students to be the best they can be, this can make students uncomfortable at first, but in the long run, they are proud of what they achieve.
  • The two IB attitudes that I focus on most strongly are Respect and Independence.  In terms of respect, if all students are treated with respect, they feel safe to try in class and share their ideas.  Their belongings are safe and they are happy to be in class.  Independence is the key to being a lifelong learner, a student prepared for high school and beyond.  I want a class who know what they are meant to be doing and who do it.  Students who make sure their learning progresses without me being at their back.

I am excited about meeting the students and seeing them grow throughout the year.

On the way from Tihoi this afternoon, my husband and I walked the 5km into the Blue Springs, which was a hot walk, but well worth it. The walk out was cooler fortunately.