Monday, 15 February 2016

Using the Internet and your Email

The following is a useful post that Mr Ahie wrote on his Room 14 blog.  Thank you for allowing us to use it.

Every student has an email address, a username, and a password.
You must remember these in order to use the computers.

Logging onto the school computers:

Once you have logged into Student on the laptops (see your teacher for the password), go to the Google Chrome app. This page may appear:

Click connect, and you should come to this page:

Type in your username and your password. This will get you connected to the school internet.

Using your Gmail and Google Drive

Go to or

Here, you must enter your email address (username +

This should bring you to this page:

Now here, you only type in your username (not your full email)
Type your password, and you should now be online.

You will be able to access your email from home also. You will need to know this because some of your homework will need to be sent to me.

All the best.

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