Monday, 1 February 2016

What to Say.....

Tomorrow sees the start of the 2016 school year for my class and I have been thinking abut what I want to tell my class to know about me.
  • I believe respect is the key to a happy, welcoming, safe classroom.
  • I love learning (that is why I am a teacher) and am frustrated when students waste learning opportunities.
  • I know life isn't fair, but I like to pretend that things can be fair.
About me:
  • I have been teaching since 1995, first in Auckland, and then in Hamilton.
  • My husband is the Head of Science at St Paul's Collegiate School.
  • I have two sons, one in Year 12 and one in Year 10, both attending St Paul's.
  • Today, I said goodbye to my younger son as I dropped him off at Tihoi Venture School (his home for most of the next 18 weeks). Although I am excited for him, our house seems very quiet without our vivacious boy.
  • I have a constant shadow (when at home) in the form of my 5-year-old black and white dog Sam (a border collie x huntaway).
  • In terms of teaching, I like to push my students to be the best they can be, this can make students uncomfortable at first, but in the long run, they are proud of what they achieve.
  • The two IB attitudes that I focus on most strongly are Respect and Independence.  In terms of respect, if all students are treated with respect, they feel safe to try in class and share their ideas.  Their belongings are safe and they are happy to be in class.  Independence is the key to being a lifelong learner, a student prepared for high school and beyond.  I want a class who know what they are meant to be doing and who do it.  Students who make sure their learning progresses without me being at their back.

I am excited about meeting the students and seeing them grow throughout the year.

On the way from Tihoi this afternoon, my husband and I walked the 5km into the Blue Springs, which was a hot walk, but well worth it. The walk out was cooler fortunately.

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