Monday, 14 March 2016

Blogging in Room 21

The year seems to be racing by in a blur.  Two weeks ago we finally started our class blogs.  To be honest, there has been mixed success to date.  There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Some students have never seen a blog, so they can't visualise the possibilities
  • Some are finding navigating and using the site a challenge
  • Some are not fully organised with homework
  • Some students aren't sure of how to create a post that will draw readers

One way that we are learning to blog well is through the weekly activities on the Student Blogging Challenge.

Congratulations to the students whose blogs are up to date and to a high level (such as sufficient length posts). These students are: 
Riley, Saihaj, Tebijan, Nic, Sam, Ryan, Theo, Sebin, Juliet, Ellie, Sarah, Joy and Hannah.

There is a link above to each class member's student blog. Check them out and leave them some comments.

There are two blogs which have got off to a fabulous start and are really interesting to read.  Check them out and place a comment for them:

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