Thursday, 31 March 2016

Gear List for Aongatete Lodge

Here's a checklist for you to look over when you are doing your final packing for camp:

Please pack the clothing in a soft bag, as small as possible.

Survival Kit – as outlined here.

Physical Activities:
warm woolen/polyprop tops (at least 2) 
warm woolen/polyprop long johns  
Polar fleece or woolen sweatshirt
footwear for tramping (with good tread) 
beanie (woolen or polar fleece)
socks (woolen) plenty
shorts (Quick-drying material, above-knee)
t-shirts (Quick-drying material)
waterproof raincoat, with hood (mid-thigh)
optional - woolen/polar fleece gloves/mittens

The students are not to wear anything cotton for our daytime activities

Around camp:
torch (new battery)
jeans/trackpants (for evenings, in the lodge)
sweatshirt (for around camp)
scuffs/croc type
sleeping bag (& blanket if needed)      
pillow & pillowcase  (optional - single sheet)                                              
2 towels                                                               
plastic bags (X2 for washing)
large plastic bag for bedding (overnight camp-out)

baking for morning/afternoon teas and suppers (in an ice-cream container) - labelled if they contain dairy products

Camp Activity/ Freetime Requirements

A book to read
Pack of cards/indoor games (optional)

Optional Extras

Camera (at own risk)

A practical, NOT a fashionable, wardrobe is needed.

Here are some photos of a previous camp, so you can see students dressed appropriately for activities:

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