Thursday, 31 March 2016

Information for Day One of Camp

Day One 
PYP Aims:

Team work
²   Caring
²   Communicators
²   Cooperation

Test of stamina
²   Risk takers
²   Open-minded
²   Commitment

Sense of achievement:
²   Enthusiasm
²   Thinkers
²   Reflective

Wairere – North/South Tramp

²  7-9 hours duration

²  Initial climbing for 90mins
²  (Wairere Falls)

²  Easy undulating walk for rest of the journey

²  Entire walk is under bush canopy

²  Early start – 7.45am walking. Bus leaves at 6.30am sharp.

1.       Thee layer rule
² Polyprop thermals
² Quick dry t-shirt
² Polar fleece or woolen jersey

2.       Shorts

3.       Woolen socks (gaiters – optional)

4.       Comfortable footwear – with decent tread

5.       Warm beanie

6.       Water proof raincoat

7.       Personal Medication (antihistamine and inhalers)

8.       Whistle around their necks

All food and water and any clothing taken off are carried in a backpack (usually a school bag). Their survival kit will be inside also.

1.       High energy snacks for morning & afternoon tea.
eg. Scroggin, dried fruit, nuts, muesli bar

2.       Sandwiches for lunch (enough to satisfy a large appetite)

3.       Minimum of 1.5L of WATER.

An ice-cream container is ideal to carry their lunch.

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