Saturday, 12 March 2016

Orange Friday

Taking action is an important part of the International Baccalaureate programme.  This is why we thrilled when Charlotte from Rm 22 approached us asking if our team could raise money to support Orange Friday:

What is Orange Friday?

We want to shine some light onto the dark subject of domestic abuse - so we’ve come up with a special way to do just that.  We call it Orange Friday! It’s our special day to raise awareness and much needed funds to help victims of domestic abuse to get safe and stay safe.
Domestic abuse is not an easy subject, especially because our statistics here in NZ are shocking.  Did you know that the NZ Police answer a domestic abuse callout every 5 minutes?  Or that 1 child is killed every 6 weeks by a family member?  Or even that 1 in 3 Kiwi women will experience physical or sexual abuse by a partner in their lifetime.It’s awful to know that we have such a huge problem with domestic abuse in our beautiful country.  
The good news is that now you can do something that will actually help victims to get free from abuse. You can even score yourself some fabulous prizes along the way!
We were thrilled to be involved with this, and yesterday Aranui ran a bake sale for the school.  Have a look at this video Charlotte put together after the event.

That is awesome Charlotte and Team Aranui - congratulations on your huge effort.

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