Thursday, 14 April 2016

UoI 2: The Water Cycle

One fact about our awesome planet that always amazes me, is that water never disappears.  Every drop of water that is on the earth today was on the earth millions of years ago.

Today we are looking at 'The Water Cycle'.  This is the process by which all water is cycled around from storage and use to evaporating and forming clouds before it comes back to earth again in the for of clouds, snow, sleet or hail. It is an amazing phenomenon and just one of the many facets of how special our planet really is.

Here are videos that will tell you more about the water cycle:



Here is a diagram that shows it simply:

Your task:

  1. Watch one of the videos.
  2. Copy the water cycle picture into your Sharing the Planet book.
  3. Write an explanation underneath of what the water cycle is, in your own words.
  4. Using research you do, write about how much water is available to us people. Add information on the effects of pollution and wastage on this. How is the population of the earth making a difference?
  5. How does this relate to the central idea, 'We are the guardians (Kaitiaki) of our planet’s resources'?

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