Monday, 2 May 2016

UoI 2: Sharing the Planet Activities

You will need your Sharing the Planet UoI book and pencil case with you in the ICT Room

The title of your page will be: Issues around the Oceans

You can complete these topics in whatever order you choose.  They need to be completed by Friday this week (May 6). Make sure your answers are full and have evidence to support them.

Topic ONE: Dynamite Fishing

  1. Read this article on dynamite fishing.
  2. In your book, summarise the main points of the article.  Reading your summary, I should know what the issue is, why it is a problem, and what, if anything, is being done about it.

Topic TWO: Pollution - Oil Spills

Pollution - Oil Spill 

In New Zealand, the sea is a special place and we all have an interest in keeping it pollution free. One of our greatest fears is an oil spill - this has become more of an issue as more companies are coming into NZ to look at putting in refineries. 
The oil spill that occurred in Alaska some few years ago cost over $2 billion to clean up and caused serious problems to fish and bird life and other animals poisoned through the food chain. As well as this there was the problem of oil lying on the beaches.
In New Zealand, Regional Council staff are trained to deal with oil spills and have equipment stored at the Port to deal with oil spills. More equipment can be called in if need be. 

How does an oil boom work?
An oil boom consists of a float which is filled with air, a skirt which keeps the oil contained and a weight which keeps the skirt below the water. Once the oil is contained skimmers pick up the oil from the sea and it is taken away for disposal.

Activity - Research 
What can find out about oil spills in history? Write about 2 large oil spills - what caused them, how were they cleaned up, and what were the consequences? 

Topic Three: Shark Finning

Watch this video - it isn't nice - you can read about shark finning if you do not want to watch it:

Answer the following questions:

Key Questions:
What is threatening shark species?
What role do sharks play in our ecosystem?
How are people working to protect sharks?

Key Concepts:
Causation: What is the issue? Why is this a problem?
Perspective: Who are the different parties involved in this issue and what are their perspectives?

Topic Four: Global Warming

We all love the warm weather, and February 2016 was one of our hottest months in recorded history. Visits to the beach, ice-blocks in the sun, what's not to love?

Read this news article about temperatures in February and potential effects.

Have a look through the Connected slides on climate change and rising sea levels.

Answer these questions in your book:
  1. What do you think a 'climate scientist' does?
  2. What do you know about global warming?
  3. From reading the news article, why is Professor Renwick worried?
  4. What does he see as potential consequences of the warmer weather patterns? Who will be most affected?
  5. The connected slides finish by focusing on 'making sure we are prepared'. What can we do NOW to prepared ourselves for global warming in the FUTURE?
  6. What actions can we take to slow global warming down? Have a look at NASAs Climate Kids, 'What we can do to help' page.


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