Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Māori Homework

This week, start by watching the following video:

This video comes from this website.

In your Māori section of your teaming book, draw a family tree for Te Awarangi.

This is due on Friday, 1st July.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


As a class, we're thrilled to welcome Safe from Thailand to our school. Safe will be with us for the last 4 weeks of the term. We look forward to getting to know you Safe.

Morning Warm-up

It was lovely to have some time as a class in the gym this mornin

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

UoI 3: Statement Continuum

Today, we are going to look at a range of statements (one at a time). Individually, you must decide if you agree or disagree with each one. On a post-it note, you will write down the reason for your opinion and then place it somewhere along the continuum. We will discuss the reasons for our opinions.


  • Explorers are heroes (perspective)
  • Exploration is a good thing (causation, perspective)
  • We explore because we are curious (causation)
  • NZ exists because of explorers (causation, change)
  • Discoveries would not occur if people did not explore (causation)
  • NZ changed for the better after James Cook explored it

Why do you think those concepts are in brackets after each statement?

Quickwrite: Klhoe Kares

Watch the video below, and then silently write your reaction to it. Then ask yourself, 'What learning can you take away from it?'

UoI 3: Case Study of Explorations

Homework (Term 2, Weeks 6 & 7) - this needs to be completed by Monday (20 June). It will go into your WWAIPAT book (you need to be organised to have it at school each day, and at home each night).

Case Study of Explorations

**Reasons for exploration/ impact of these/perspectives**

Space: The Space Race

Glue this cover from the TIME Magazine into your book and study it carefully. 

1. Complete an 'I see, I think, I wonder' sheet for this image. 

2. What do you know about the 'Space Race'?

3. Watch the video below

4. Write a summary, including the answers to your questions in 'I wonder'. What ideas of yours were wrong? 

5. Answer these questions:
  • What marked the end of the space race? 
  • What made these explorations successful? 
  • What an interesting word ‘Collaboration’ - what lesson can we take from this?

6. Research discoveries or inventions that were made as a result of space exploration - dedicate a page in your book to this using images.

Ocean: The Mariana Trench

1. Glue the picture of the Mariana Trench into your book.

2. Visit THIS website and answer the following questions:

  • What is the Mariana Trench?
  • Why has it never been fully explored before?
  • What sort of animals live in the depths of the trench?
  • Why do scientists think it is important to study the trench and its creatures?

3. Watch this film trailer:

4. What were James Cameron's reasons for exploring? What were the risks the explorers faced? Do you think they should have gone down? Why/Why not?

New Lands: Trade and Scientific Pursuits

1. Watch this video:

2. Answer these questions:
  • What was the purpose of Captain James Cook's exploration of the South Pacific? 
  • What is a botanist and why would they have taken one on these explorations?
  • What types of challenges did they have on these explorations?
  • What were the outcomes of this exploration?
  • How did these outcomes impact those involved?
  • What have we learnt or come to understand as a result of this exploration?
3. Watch these videos:

4. Answer these questions:

  • When viewing material online (text, video, images etc) we must understand that people may write material with a bias. Might some of the content we have seen have this? Is it angled to a particular perspective in history?
  • What was the purpose of Christopher Columbus' explorations?
  • What types of challenges did he have on these explorations?
  • What were the outcomes of his exploration?
  • How did these outcomes impact those involved?
  • What have we learnt or come to understand as a result of his exploration?

2016 Dance Festival

One of the highlights for many students of their time at Berkley is the 'Dance Festival'. Students express their interest and are put into small groups. From there, they are given a scheduled a lunch break every cycle to practice in, before practices in school time begin in the three or four weeks before the event. Congratulations to the Room 21 students who took up the challenge this year. I loved watching the festival and was so proud of each and every one of you.