Wednesday, 30 November 2016

End of Year Calendar

Term 4 Week 8
Tuesday 29th November 
- Dance tickets go on sale - $10 from LC, from 8.00am.
- Interschool athletics

Wednesday 30th November 
- B3 - School singing practice

Friday 2 December
- BNMS Y9 Orientation Day
- Lunchtime Dance Practice (Aranui + KK + TA)
- BDO Notices and money due

Term 4 Week 9

Monday 5th December
- Farewell Dance Meeting - Break 2
- B3 EOY Band practice

Tuesday 6th December
- Last day for dance ticket sales
- Tech Arts & Teaming - last day
- B3 - School singing practice
- Reports home

New Bells from this Wednesday
Block 1 = 9:00 - 10:30am
Block 2 = 11:00 - 12:30pm
Block 3 = 1:30 - 3:00pm

Wednesday 7th December (free mufti day)
- Big Day Out
- Farewell Dance (7 - 9.30pm) - remember a small plate of something nice for supper
- Buses meet in front of the school from this day on

Thursday 8th December (free mufti day)
- Aranui's Hākari Day (11.00 - 12.30)
- Aranui picnic lunches

Friday 9th December (free mufti day)
- Block 1 = Assembly performers rehearsal
- Block 2 = Assembly practice
- Block 3 = Tabloids (bring PE gear)
- Bus Students to meet at front of school for pick up

Term 4 Week 10
Monday 12th December (Perfect uniform)
- Block 1 = Speakers to practice
- Block 2 (11am) = Assembly 1
- Block 3 = move classes
- Bus students to meet at front of school for pick up

Tuesday 13th December (Best Uniform) - School Finishes @ approx. 11.45am
- No school bags today
- Block 1 (9:15am) = Assembly 2
- Berkley bus departs at 11.45am

Saturday, 19 November 2016

End of Year Assembly Songs

Here are the three songs we are going to be singing for the end of year assembly. We will be practicing these over the next two weeks.

One Republic - I Lived

Sia - The Greatest (a rocky version of this song)

Something Wild (we would take the key higher to make it easier to sing):

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Diwali Research

As you did for Christmas, you are going to complete a mini-inquiry about Diwali. Your small group needs to be completely different from the people you worked with for the Christmas inquiry.

Study the pictures below. What do they tell you about Diwali? 

Brainstorm your ideas. Now, as a group, write your own question to inquire into. Check your question with the reliever.

Complete your research and decide how you will present your findings to the class.

At 12.40, each group will have a turn to share their findings with the class.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Science: Cells

In science this afternoon, we are learning about cells. We started by watching this video:

The, after talking about cells, we moved to our workstations and looked at onion cells in microscopes.

These are some photos I took of the onion at different magnifications:

40X magnification:

400X magnification

After completing the viewing, students started doing scientific drawings of their observations. Here is the start of Joy's picture:

And Sebin's:

Thank you, Miss Bogun, for a neat afternoon. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas Research

Watch this video:


In small groups of approximately 3 students, research and be prepared to share back findings on one of the inquiry questions:  
  • What is the significance of Coca Cola to Christmas? 
  • How do different cultures celebrate Christmas?
  • How has Christmas changed over time (evolved)?
  • Christmas celebration has ties to pagan festivals – what can you find out about pagan festivals?
  • What is the history of Christmas carols?
  • What were traditional Christmas foods and has this changed over time?