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The purpose of this blog is to celebrate students' learning and share information to the wider community. The information on the blog is intended for children and parents to use both at home and at school. You will regularly find posts regarding news, information, updates and curriculum resources. If you do not want to miss out, please make sure that you subscribe to updates by submitting your email in the 'Follow by Email' link on the right.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you make
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Make your comment worth reading

Be positive, interested, and encouraging

If you think there is something that can be improved, give your constructive feedforward in a kind way

Connect with the post: be on topic

Re-read your comment before you hit submit–think before you send!

Aim for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Don’t use chat or texting language like lol, i, or u

Be thoughtful

Keep your privacy: no personal or identifying information about you, 
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Leave your name (first name only)

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